Once Upon a Time Review: A Wish Gone Horribly Wrong

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If Once Upon a Time taught us anything with "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree," it was to be careful what you wish for because even your heart's desire could end in a twisted and treacherous fate.

Dangerous Desires. I was disappointed that we saw so little of David and Mary Margaret. That kiss from last week must have went well because this week they were holding secret trysts with wine and more smooching. They're having so much fun that neither one of them wanted to talk about the consequences of their actions. 

David still has a wife, after all. As much as I want these two together, no good will come of this. Especially since Regina's on to them.

A Perilous Wish. So King Leopold gave the genie his freedom only to have him turn around and kill him. I must admit, I wasn't a huge fan of King Leopold. Sure, he adored Snow and her mother but when he proclaimed his undying devotion for his first wife in front of his current spouse, that was somewhere between thoughtless and cruel. Then he read the Queen's diary and locked her away. 

Richard Schiff on Once Upon a Time

Perhaps Snow's mother was the good one because her father was fatally flawed.

The Queen looked so hurt and innocent one moment and then so evil the next, almost like two completely different people. Kudos to Lana Parrilla for making that transition appear so natural. 

The genie was so infatuated and desperate for love he never had a chance. Of course, that didn't absolve him from committing murder. The Queen manipulated him but he's the one who did the deed. It was almost hard to feel sorry for him when he was banished to live all eternity in a mirror.

Treacherous Allies. I knew Sidney's evidence against Regina seemed too easy. Poor Emma was just so eager to take down the mayor, especially after she took Henry away, that she was more than willing to buy in. 

Now Emma thinks she has an ally when she's actually colluding with the enemy. Or is she? Could Sidney be playing both sides? Either way, I don't think anyone can trust him.

The Missing Book. I loved how Henry was smart enough to be suspicious of the mysterious writer when he asked too many questions and was quick enough to turn the tables on him. Once Henry asked a few questions of his own, writer man was on his way.

So... is that Henry's copy of the book or do you think the writer has a copy of his own? Does Emma really trust Sidney and will David leave his wife or is Mary Margaret destined to be nothing more than a mistress in Storybrooke? With two weeks until the next new episode, there's plenty of time to ponder the latest twists in Once Upon a Time.


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Is the mysterious writer one of the Grimm brothers?


Also, that new guy who is the writer, I wonder if he is the one who wrote the book that Henry carries around. Maybe he was brought in because of the pages being torn out, maybe it alerted him that he needed to come and fix things. Regina as the Queen was definitely playing the Genie, she even said she wanted the King dead for years. She may have had some affection for the Genie because it soothes her ego to be worshipped and that's why she was going to help him escape. Besides, why would she want a witness to stick around and point the finger at her? The actress who plays Regina is great, she manages to be a likable villainess.


I really like this show, but there are two things that bother me. One is the fact of the pregnancy scare from the previous episode. It bothers me that David is able to sleep with his wife, I would have thought his conflicted feelings would have made them wait while he figured things out. So, now it's like he's having a relationship with both of them, and it's kind of icky for me. How does he sleep with his wife when he has true love at his finger tips? Also, Emma's superpowers is that she can tell when anyone is lying. So, unless it turns out that she knew that guy who is the genie was lying or he was being a double agent, it will be a flaw in the story.


Not enough David and Mary Margaret in this episode! It's funny how watching this show reminds me so much of Lost. I mean you can totally tell that they are from the same writers. Though they have nothing to with the other but just like with Lost there were always episodes that were less interesting than others. I mean when I new there was going to be an episode that was Jack-centric or Kate-centric I would get happy just how I get excited to see the episodes of Once Upon a Time that are Prince Charming/David and Snow White/Mary Margaret-centric man that was a mouthful lol. The show is interesting and I didn't hate last night's episode but I still wanted more from my favortie couple. That small scene was so cute just not long enough lol.


I totally agree with @AppleCobbler. The show has great potential... the actors are all great, the costumes are fantastic but the writers are starting to really fall short. Emma's character has gone from strong to 'blah' over the last few eps. Also, the special effects are so bad, I thought they would've pushed for more talent in that department by now. The scene where the king walks through the palace garden to introduce the Arabian Nights genie... oh my god, I couldn't help but get side tracked by the terrible background. Agree with @Kat too; found myself tuning out on this episode.


@ Marysocontrary.....good thoughts on the superpower and using it with childeren but in the 1st episode Emma(when she is contemplating leaving Storybrooke) asks Regina(at Regina's front door) if she love's Henry......after a quick pause Regina says 'of course I do'....that is the point Emma decides to stay in Storybrooke..........one can only assume it was because Emma knew (because of this superpower) that Regina was lying. Because of that scene is why I referred to it in my reply today, it being one of my concerns on where the writers are taking Emma's charactor


...it's gonna seem like a character continuity issue if there isn't a reveal later that she didn't know Sidney was lying. She did ask him directly why he wanted to help her. The only way it might make sense is if he is some kind of double agent. That his reasons given for wanting to bring Regina down are also genuine feelings...but that's one heck of a stretch. However, this isn't the kind of show where all questions are answered in one episode. I'm going to wait and see where it goes before claiming continuity issues. As for Regina, yeah, she clearly must have somehow set up the king to marry her because she wanted the kingdom. I get that she also has this thing about wanting to be loved, but that is almost a seperate issue. She wants the kingdom AND the king's adoration. She was probably looking for a way to kill the king before the genie came along.


I'm going to assume that Emma knows Sidney is lying - kind of like what she did with Hansel and Gretal so that she could find out where they were actually going. She may have wanted to see what they were up to. She WOULDN'T have known about the brakes because that wasn't a direct question. Still,


One thing about Emma's "superpower" that I saw mentioned elsewhere, and I think it makes sense, is that it's just something she uses on kids to kind of scare them into talking. She's used it on Henry and Ava and Nicholas, not that she can actually tell when everyone is lying. Or also it could be harder for to use it on the people from the fairy tale world than if she was using it on others not from the fairy tale world as she hasn't been around them that long. Hate that Mary Margaret didn't get to discuss with Emma what was going on with her and David because Sidney was in the apartment. As for the King reading Regina's diary, well that was part of her plan. You know she made it easy to find it or just too tempting not to read. And it was quiet obvious that she didn't love him at all either, she was just using him to get to Snow and set herself up in a better position of power. Not trying to defend him really, just saying she had a plan in mind when she married him.


I found this episode frustrating.........what are the writers doing with Emma's charactor.........from the beginning she has been a smart strong female charactor, this is not what I see lately.....one of her 'talents' was being able to tell when someone was lying........what has become of that.......slowly over the past few episodes Emma has become somewhat of a dimwhit and I am very dissappointed on this trend.......
This show has so much potencial.......To have a steller script each week may be wishfull thinking and 'filler' episodes sometimes are needed.... but is that what is happening here or are the writers losing focus?...............the cast is up to the challange(that is proven) my concerns are with the writers..............
I have my fingers crossed.

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