Parenthood Review: Reality Always Finds You

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There's not much to say about this episode of Parenthood. Just like our lives, the Braverman's find that "It is What it Is."

I had a lot of expectations after Crosby and Lily's kiss (overseen by Jasmine), but was a bit disappointed in how little they were in the remainder of the episode. I really want to see more of Courtney Ford. Her ability to transform from role to role is impressive. There is nary a hint here of her more nefarious characters from True Blood and Dexter.

When the concert finally arrived, the look on Crosby's face was worth the wait as he watched her play. It was also worth seeing the look on Jasmine's face as she finally understood how Crosby felt when she started seeing the doctor. Everyone agree?

Crosby and Lily

Weird moment: I had a rather disturbing thought while listening to Drew talk to Sarah. He and Mark have remarkably similar vocalizations. Is it weird that she's dating someone who reminds me so much of her son?

Zeek realized life is finite. When Zeek was diagnosed with an abnormal heart rhythm, I think his mortality hit him. I've always figured my own age has crept up on me because I didn't have a husband or kids. Given his reaction, and the realism of Parenthood, I now assume it's not specific to your situation in life after all. Just one day you find you're not the young person you are in your heart. It's overwhelming.

The beauty of the moment was he bought a travel trailer, not for himself, but for Camille. So he can make her dreams come true. He had me fooled. You?

Does Haddie get the short stick again? Kristina and Adam had the very unenviable job of telling Haddie to keep her options open when she was accepted to Cornell because they couldn't afford to send her. The reality is her attendance is her choice. They don't want her to be saddled with debt, but she does have that option. The worst thing I heard was there wasn't money available because Max's treatment is so expensive and they just had Nora. So Haddie gets the short end of the stick again.

That's been a problem with their family for a year and it got them into a bad place before, during and after Alex. Haddie finally has some of her confidence back, and they really need to keep that under consideration while they work out their "options."

Kristina fought to do whatever it takes to get her to Cornell. Adam said they had to tell Haddie she couldn't go. Until he sat on the bed opposite her to share the news. Tears welling in his eyes (and mine... damn you, Bravermans!), he promised they'd do whatever they could to get her to the school she worked so hard to get into. It is what it is.

Reality is hitting Zoe square between the eyes. Early in the season I believed that Zoe would eventually come around and end up a part of the Braverman family. There have been definite ups and downs since then, and I've let go of my supposition. Just as I did, Zoe started to break a bit. Giving Julia her grandfather's watch for the baby seemed like a move in the direction of remaining in their lives. I like her. Joel and Julia would make great surrogate parents for and her baby, so my hopes have again been inflated.

Amber's future is far brighter than it looked last year. Amber is really finding her groove with the Bob Little campaign. And it appears, as one of our commenters mentioned last week, that he might be finding his groove with Amber. He's certainly impressed with her skills, and I wouldn't be surprised if there is more grabbing his attention.


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I'm torn between loving Amber and Bob's relationship and being worried about it... I think they're so cute, and it would be nice, for a change, if Amber could have a good guy and be sucessful. I'm worried, however, that this thing with Bob will turn out bad, because that's the obvious direction and Parenthood seems to be attracted to the obvious some times. So if it were to turn out badly, I'm not in favor of it, but if the writers could somehow make it more interesting and keep both characters in good standing, then I'm all for it! Amber is my favorite character and I'd like to see her shine with him! And who cares about the age thing? I mean do we even know how old Bob is? I hate the age difference with Sarah and Mark because she has grown kids and he's just so young! But Amber is mature and Bob isn't that much older than her. Go for it! Just don't ruin those characters, PLEASE.


If Haddie goes to Cornell, then how can she stay on the show? She lives in CA. Cornell is in a remote part of NY. Unless the writers come up with a financial plan for her that includes lots money for the poor cash straped Bravermans how will she fly back and forth all the time. Going to Cornell does not seem feasable for her as a character on a show that is based in CA. Sarah needs to shut up about having a baby, take care of the kids she has now and get out of her parent's home! She is the most selfish mother on tv.


i'm actually a little shocked by some of the comments about haddie- the truth is that she's a kid and she doesn't really understand the value of money. maybe she didn't expect her parents to pay for her tuition- she was just excited to get in, and considering what a good student she is, she would probably get scholarships. but scholarships aren't usually awarded until late spring, so they'd have no way of knowing yet. i was practically yelling at the tv, 'CALL THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE BEFORE YOU SHATTER HER DREAMS!' just glad jasmine is finally getting a taste of her own terrible tasting medicine. she's such a terrible person, and probably my least favorite on the show.


All i have to say is i love the relationship between Zeek and Camille. I was almost in tear in their scene. I am so excited and can not wait for the next episode. I wonder what happens on their trip together. Cant wait!!


I really want Amber and Bob to get together. I think they both like eachother and hes not that much older then her. CANT WAIT for the new episode


I agree with sarah's comment...Haddie must know that her family has suffered financial loss, so I feel like it's a lot to expect for her parents to send her to such an expensive school. Lots of kids work hard but end up facing the reality of going to a state school, which can still provide a great education.


I love Zeek and Camille's relationship. Zeek has this teenage boy quality about him - a quality I think Camille adores yet is slightly annoyed with at times. I really want them to go on that trip. And I cannot put my finger on why, but I find Amber slightly annoying. The way she treats her mom, how she obtained a job that hard working college grads could only wish for just because of her Aunt; she just gets on my nerves.


I find this show very realistic for the most part, but it really bugs me that Sarah's kids are so rude and dismissive of her except when they need her. Why is Drew so awkward with his mom? Why wouldn't he tell her about his school interests? It's annoying. Also annoying is Jasmine. I have never liked her and always wished that when she was so hard on Crosby after his cheating, he would have blasted her about the fact that she robbed him of the first five years of his son's life for no good reason at all. Even had her family thinking he was rotten. That's some kind of evil. Haddie annoys me too. In fact, all the Braverman grandkids are annoying except the new baby!


Boo Hiss....Parenthood is not on next week because of the State of the Union Address!!!


Well, it took Crosby a looong time before he could have brought himself to let Jasmine go. Understandably it will take Jasmine some time, it does not matter that she is with Joe, it is always hard seeing someone whom you love move onto someone else. Has it occured to anyone that Jasmine is probably wondering if Lily is the woman he had the ONS with? I think it's harder for Jasmine because Crosby cheated on her. I hope Jasmine and Crosby reunite, Perfect Joe and Perfect Lily make a great couple.

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