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I was bothered by the college storyline because I didn't see why neither of them called the financial aid office and started a dialogue.

My son went to a private school and it was expensive. I called the financial aid office and told them about my son- his grades, his drive for excellence, and his personality. I had the premise 'You want this person to be an alumni of your university.'

I was able to explain a recent decline in our income. We eventually were awarded a $40K scholarship (over 4 years) and it was increased to $70K after he put in a few semesters and proved I was right.


I would LOVE for Amber and Bob Little to get together. Amber is a smart girl who has suffered heart break and has messed up a lot in the past but is really trying to work hard and move forward. Why can't she have a great guy in her life??! They have great chemistry together and I would love to see it go further with them.


Haddie doesn't get the short end of the stick. She's smart enough to realize that even without the cost of Max's treatments her parents cannot afford that tuition. Her reluctance to get a job said it all.


If Amber and Bob Little have a romantic relationship, it is going to kill the show. I feel like it started out as Amber having a mentor at the beginning of the episode and then when Bob asked if she wanted to get something to eat it turned more on the romantic side? I just really hope they don't get together!

Whoa Mark and Drew are so similar! only caught that because you pointed it out.


Ford is a great actress. Little is definitely romantically interested in Amber. Amber was great. Good catch about Drew and Mark.

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