Parenthood Review: Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Oh, hooray!

Funny Parenthood was back with "Just Smile," as the bit at the beginning with Adam getting makeup for a local city magazine had me laughing out loud. On what other show are you going to be talking about a businessman's t-zone and the inability to cover his crease? How I love when they blend some carefree fun into episodes. That doesn't mean it was all fun and games, however.

Adam In the Makeup Chair

When they got the cover, I had the dreaded feeling that the story was going to be about Adam and his personal journey through unemployment during the difficult economy. Just as I had that thought, the frame Crosby was refreshing every few seconds appeared: Adam with the headline "Music Saved My Life." Sadly, he was just chatting, passing time talking to the reporter. Being Adam. He had no idea he was usurping the entire premise of the article.

Moving from the shoe business to a music career and taking such a huge chance with a family and no experience is a big story. That didn't stop me really feeling where Crosby was coming from. Even after all his inner changes, the incredible choices he made during the year and in his life, Adam somehow still stole his thunder.

I thought the cellist needing his respect, needing him to hear her and care about her project as much as he wanted the same from Adam was brilliant. It knocked him right out of his shell. Is it wrong that I kind of hope, based on such minor interaction, that they might have a fling? There was a real chemistry between the characters, something we haven't seen with Crosby. He wasn't trying to impress a girl, he was talking with a fellow professional and it worked. Trying to force him to have a love life has not.

It's always been obvious that Adam and Crosby have had a tumultuous and adversarial relationship, but it really came to a head over the article. Neither one of them came out ahead. Adam felt like a conquering hero for just a moment. He delighted in his son saying it was cool that he was on a cover of a magazine. But he also knew that in the blink of an eye he'd go back to being the businessman and Crosby would again be Mr. Cool.

The reason their partnership in The Luncheonette works so well is the same that keeps them from being closer brothers. They're two sides of the same coin. They would be really weird alone, lost if apart, but they can't really see each other from where the other stands. When Crosby turned away from Adam's admission at the end, it was all he could do. They have each other's backs and save each other's lives when the chances arise. What more would you want from a brother?


  • Amber started working at Bob Little's campaign with Kristina. She felt in over her head and as though she wanted to crawl into a hole. But while all the interns who graduated from Harvard were kissing his ass telling him what he wanted to hear about the under 25 demographic, she told the truth. The truth always impresses.
  • Even though Julia had concerns that Zoe might make up with her boyfriend, Zoe got the adoption papers signed and made sure her ex was out of her life for good. Her pain was intense, but I wanted to cry in happiness for Joel and Julia.
  • Sarah couldn't stop thinking about that misplaced comment Mark made about having a baby with Sarah. But, is it ever a good idea to go to your beau's house to talk about such a huge topic when drunk? If it turns out he's been thinking about it in a good, excited sort of way, then yes!

I missed Zeek and Camille, but the Crosby and Adam storyline more than made up for their absence. I dare say it was one of the best inspections of their brotherhood to date.

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I liked Adam&Crosby storyline. I seen both sides. I thought Crosby should have gotten over it a bit sooner, but I truly understood where he was coming from . Hopefully he will have something with the Cellist. I love him and I'm happy he's continuing to grow and all. I really hope he doesn't get sucked back into the drama that is his ex. Amber was in over her head. And while I did like the fact that she was the only one who was being honest with him (and does it appear like there may be something romantic suggested in their interaction?)her honesty reaffirmed the situation with the interns.They are college grads who still can't find decent jobs.She is the niece of some lady who works there who caught a break.They have more to lose than she ever will.It was so reflective of the current economy. I felt for those interns more than Amber. And I just keep losing respect for Sara.


Finally,they have Dax finding romance again after the break-up with Jasmine. I, for one was really getting tired of seeing Crosby's heart broken repeatedly watching his ex-fiance and the mother of his child build a relationshiop with another man. The guy screwed up big time, but he has been miserable long enough. From the previews, it appears that he does get together with the cellist and Jasmine sees them kissing. She looked hurt, but OMG, what did she expect? He tried everyway possible to win her back and she made it very clear she wasn't interested and that she was moving on. He begged her to forgive him and she wouldn't. So now he is finally moving on. I really hope that the relationship between Crosby and the cellist develops into something serious (marriage?). They chose the perfect actress to play the part. The chemistry between her and Dax Shepard is obvious. Hopefully, Dax's fiancee, Kristen Bell, won't have a problem with her.


Once again another great episode!! I love this show
Crosby and the cellist will get together she is his love interest
I personally liked the scene with Mark and Sarah when she came to his house drunk. I love Mark Cyr!!! He was super funny showing up at the poker game and having the guys believe he brought biscotti's!! LOVED it
I was so happy for Julia and Joel!! They are my favorite couple


I liked Courtney Ford.

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Sarah: I thought 40 was the new 30!
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