Pretty Little Liars to Remain Proactive, Creator Teases

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The return of Pretty Little Liars this week made one thing clear: the girls are finished playing the role of victim.

That's what series creator Marlene King emphasized to me over the phone this afternoon as well, saying the winter premiere "set the template" for what's to come on the back half of season two.

"Especially with Emily leading the charge," King said. "It's a nice metaphor because she was Ali's favorite and now she's A's favorite. Of course, being A's favorite means you're really her favorite target."

Whether it's due to these proactive actions or not King wouldn't divulge, of course, but by the end of the season, viewers will finally learn the identity of A. King said everyone involved with the show - from writers to producers to ABC Family executives - had input on when this would reveal would take place.

"It felt like the right time," she said. "But there will still be plenty of big mysteries even once A is out there."

Another noteworthy development from Monday's return episode centered on Aria and Ezra. They came out to the former's parents, something King said was an "organic" conclusion to "the tortured place they had been driven to by A and by their circumstances."

"It had been a long journey for them," King explained. "Once Aria fell on her sword for Ezra, he figured he had to do the same for her in return."

How will this change in their relationship affect the couple going forward? King relates it to the same theme as the girls' new stance against A.

"Aria is not being a victim anymore. She'll get angry and she'll look to redefine 'Ezria' on her own terms."

Pretty Little Liars airs a new episode on Monday. King teased that Lucas will play a "large role" in both the mystery department and the romance department over the coming weeks, and that much is made clear in the promo above.

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I think that Lucas has done something wrong and in order for him to be free he has to do what A tells him to do. It is not a matter of craziness. Lucas was trapped and he did what he had to do.


Dexter Idolizer - thats actually a really good theory omg.
usually like in season 1 he was the sane one that was just crazily in love with hanna. idk why all of a sudden he would act like that!?!?


Hmph....even when "A" s so called identity is reveales it still qont be the end of "A" s exitance....i cant wait to see what the series comes up with....youre not going to fool me!


The second half of this season is beginning to sound really really exciting! I'm so happy that they're finally going to stop being victims and fight against A. While normal high school teenagers only worry about things like assignments and boyfriends and things like that, they had to deal with a friend's murder and A has never given them a break. They don't deserve it. Ater all, all of this drama happened because of Alison; they were just Ali's guinea pigs. I mean, did they even matter to her? I really liked what Spencer said in Season 1 too. She said, 'It's not a matter of whether we will exist without you, but if you will exist without us.' Harsh words, but it got me thinking. As for Aria and Ezra coming out, I was so glad they finally had the courage to take that huge step in their relationship. It's looking pretty intense now but hopefully it'll cool down after the initial shock and even hatred.


Dexter idolizer, I had thought the same exact thing O.o
even the thought that he might be off his meds. The guy is going to go all crazy on hanna all of a sudden, there must be a reason!


I wouldn't be surprised if Lucas happens to have some mental illness and he's off his meds and now his infatuation for Hanna has intensified X10 and he's gonna go all crazy on her.


There is no voice for the Promo?

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