Revenge Round Table: "Duress"

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Revenge returned last Wednesday with an episode that concluded with the arrest of a major character, but not before he turned a gun on Emily and the divorce battle between Victoria and Conrad grew in stature and manipulation.

Are you ready to relive "Duress?" Below, TV Fanatic staff members Leigh Raines, Christine Orlando, Chandel Charles and Dan Forcella do exactly that, debating various aspects of the episode in our latest Round Table discussion...


The "Two days earlier..." angle: Pro or con?
Leigh: I liked knowing beforehand. It's the same as knowing that "Daniel" gets shot at his engagement party. I put Daniel in quotes because, at this point, who really knows. But I think this tactic definitely amps up the suspense level.

Christine: I enjoyed it. You knew Tyler was headed toward a major breakdown, but it was fun seeing how he got there and then there was the suspense about how much damage he might do before it was over.

Chandel: It just made me more curious about what led to it, which was some pretty juicy stuff!

Dan: I guess I'm the only one who has become tired of the whole "let's see how we got to this point" gimmick. I feel like the moment that Tyler walked out to the beach, following Emily with the gun, would have been much more surprising and awesome if I had no idea it was coming.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

What is more entertaining, watching Emily get revenge? Or watching Tyler's attempt at revenge?
Leigh: Emily is a pro, Tyler is a completely unpredictable psychopath. We may like Emily a lot more, but Tyler still had me on the edge of my seat this week.

Christine: I go with Emily. I love the deviousness in which she plots and plans to take down her next victim. Tyler's mentally ill, off his meds and mean.  e's fun to watch for the short term but I couldn't take a steady diet of him.

Chandel: Watching Emily get revenge, and with all the control in the world. In the end, her plans rarely fail, even though the consequences surrounding them may not turn out to her liking, i.e. the real Emily Thorne.

Dan: I agree with Christine that a little of this crazy Tyler goes a long way, but his going nuts was easily one of my favorite moments of the entire season, so I would have to argue in favor of Tyler. Emily has been so subtle as of late with her revenge that it's hard to find it as entertaining as Tyler waving a gun around at the clam bake.

Rate Emily's revenge this week on a scale of 1 to 10.
Leigh: I'd have to give it a 6. It wasn't pre-planned and I really think it was Nolan who saved the day. Mmmm... cold turkey and a hot mess. I missed Gabriel Mann!

Christine: I'll give it a 5. I was hoping to see more of a plan to take out Tyler. Instead, she was reacting to Tyler's lunacy. It was resourceful and effective but not quite as much fun. And I'm thrilled Nolan didn't get more seriously injured. He's become my favorite character and I'd hate to lose him.

Chandel: 10. Who knew the gun wasn't loaded?!

Dan: Minus points for not being planned from the beginning, but add plenty for being so brilliant. 8. I loved that she left the gun unloaded, basically saying that she knew exactly how the whole thing was going to play out. And, like Nolan said, she refrained from using her karate in order to save face. Great stuff.

What would you have gotten Daniel Grayson for his birthday?
Leigh: I would have taken Daniel on a romantic getaway for two, somewhere remote with limited cell service, away from his psychotic family. Then again... according to the preview for next week, he's certainly got that devious Grayson gene.

Christine: Oh damn. I'm really bad at gifts and what do you get a guy who can buy himself almost anything? I thought Emily's gift was thoughtful but I loved how Victoria took her idea and did it better.   love watching these two women one up one another.

Chandel: Probably a gun so he could have taken down Tyler in one fell swoop, but it seems he and Jack were able to do that anyway.

Dan: I would pre-order him the first season of Revenge on Blu-Ray. Even this guy would enjoy watching all of the action going on in the Hamptons!


1 - neither pro nor con. What bothered me most is how not much came out of Tyler's hostage situation. It was a big build up for not much. 2 - Like most, Tyler's breakdown was very entertainig, but in the long run I prefer Emily's planned revenge. 3 - 8. I loved how Emily turned the whole situation in her favor, getting rid of Tyler and tying some loose ends over Frank's death. But I was a bit bothered by how all she planned it all. Unloading the gun and having Frank's wallet on her, it's like she knew what Tyler was going to do and see.


1. Split time periods are fine if done right and not overused.
2. Emily. I was already bored with Tyler.


1. Pro. It added the right amount of suspense and hooked you in if you weren't already hooked. Although who wouldn't be hooked? Plus the promo already gave us an inkling as to what was going to happen so it still would have been a "What led up to that point?" thing.
2.Emily. I just cannot tolerate Tyler in any shape or fashion.He makes me cringe.
3.Eight.It was unplanned. She had to think on her feet..and of course rely on the best character of the Series, Nolan to execute most of it.
4.A bulletproof vest.


1. 2 days ago!?
I loved they slowly got us into Tyler's psychosis, showing him being sloppy and making mistakes! Just a great way to role us into the big final( which wasn't so big at the end!).
2Emily for sure!
She knows the game! She put the gun into his hand she put everything in motion!
Tyler is very smart as well, but he didn't go all the way.
3.Rating! Everything is about ratings!
This week she was going out of her comfort zone and took Tyler down in a slight different way! I give it an eight (8)
Some true ba**s! It seems he is getting them in the next episode! Should've stop being a pretty boy and start being a man!

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