Revenge Spoilers: An Arrest, A Murder, A Kidnapping

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A murder. A kidnapping. A couple of returns and a look ahead to season two.

Revenge may not air a new episode until February 8, but rest assured, TV Fanatics, the juicy ABC drama will deliver more twists and turns than ever before when it picks up again.

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly features Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman on the cover, but it's the scoop from creator Mike Kelley inside that ought to have viewers truly buzzing. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand and read on for intriguing excerpts from the producer...

Revenge EW Cover

Who will return? Kelley says both Tyler and Amanda will be back and both will "start f-cking with Emily... they've got new, different agendas." We may also see Lydia again before the season concludes.

New characters will play key roles - James Purefoy has already been cast as a love interest for Victoria, while Courtney B. Vance will play her new attorney - but one we've recently been introduced to will "do something so diabolical you can't believe it" and it will incite Emily's wrath.

We'll catch back up to the pilot's engagement party on the February 15 episode, aptly titled "Chaos." Is Daniel actually the corpse on the beach? No comment, but Kelley promises "someone will be arrested and someone will be dead" by the end of the hour.

Someone will also get kidnapped and someone close to Emily will betray her.

"We'll learn how Emily Thorne became Emily Thorne," Kelley previews, adding that this look back will include more on Japanese mentor Takeda.

And how will season one end? Despite no official word from ABC yet, writers are hard at work on season two. It will pick up in the summer and the May finale will likely include a flash forward that previews the show's next major mystery. Kelley concludes with one final tease, looking way ahead:

"There will be a wedding - at least one - and there will be more murder. Maybe in the same day!"

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I hope Takeda sends Amanda on a slow boat to China.She's the one who betrayed Emily by not listening to her and blabbing that she is the little girl that was left behind to Jack on the boat. I mean it was less than 24 hours before should could not keep her mouth shut. I really do not want to see her again.


tell me more about emilys mentor.i think he is very shady.


I do believe, Tyler informs Ashley where to look for the box. In episode 12-14 it came out in little parts of the movie that you can't trust Ashley. I think Tyler is the one dead on the beach and Danial shoots him and of course the poor man gets accused of shooting him. Or it could be Amanda that shoots Tyler. But, just remember Ashley is not as innocent as she looks.


Well...this is how Season 1 ends...Remember way back when Tyler first came into the picture? He tried Daniel's suit on? Well during the engagement, he stole Daniel's white jacket and got in....Remember the girl that Daniel was dating and had the accident, and her brother confronted Daniel at the restaurant with Amanda/Emily when he smashed his car...He came to the engagement to seek revenge on Daniel, but he shot Tyler instead, thinking it was Daniel. That English black girl who works for Victoria (I think her name is Ashlee)...she betrays Amanda/Emily, but Emily will send her packing.. Jack will get arrested.


Gees! Nolan isn't gay, he is bi and I for one love it. Makes him that much hotter! He would never betray Am/Em. That Ashley b$*#( has to go so I hope she does the betrayal and Emily sends her packing in revenge style. And seriously people, Jack is not as innocent as he seems. I hope he isn't the killer, but he is no puppy dog.


I agree that it is going to be Ashley that betrays Emily. You are so right about Tyler's knowing about the hiding place in the floor and Ashley is the only one he can tell. It can't be Jack who shoots Tyler (I too think it is Tyler in Daniel's clothing who is shot). Jack is the one who found the body on the beach and moved it. I think Daniel killed Tyler but Jack will be the one on trial.


I've read that Emily's dad does not come back but both Amanda and Tyler do.
I think Tyler put on the white jacket to sneak into the engagement party but got shot by Jack. Also, Tyler knows there is something hidden under Emily's floor, so he will tell Ashley and she will betray Emily.


I think it will be the British girl with the bangs that betrays her. Since McCrazy is comming back he will probably tell her what he knows and she will try to get back at her or something of that nature- I dont think it will be any of the key characters


But Fauxmanda blew through that money years ago...


I disagree with Stella. Emily gave faux Amanda $500,000 to trade places with her

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My father once wrote, always question where your loyalty lies. The people you trust will expect it, your greatest enemies will desire it and those you treasure the most will without fail, abuse it.

Emily Thorne

Jack: I'm all in.
Emily: Let's do this.