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Alliances can reunite old friends in the most unexpected of ways, by testing the bonds that are the strongest of all. They can lead to the greatest victories or to your ultimate defeat.


Why the Aiden face? This is good news.


Jack: I'm all in.
Emily: Let's do this.

[to Emily] I would love to stay and chat, but I have less boring people to talk to.


Victory can never be achieved alone. Allegiances must be forged to overcome superior forces. Some born from a shared goal, others out of desperate need, but for a union to succeed, one must determine if an ally is truly a friend or merely an enemy in disguise.


[to Jack] Maybe Daniel's right. You love Emily, don't you?


Aiden: You're not going to leave this, are you?
Emily: Have I ever?
Aiden: No.

[to Jack] I don't like jealous men.


[to Pascal] Ah, I sense the stench of romance is in the air.

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