Special Gossip Girl Promo: Blair Waldorf Edition!

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In celebration of Gossip Girl's highly-anticipated 100th episode Monday night, in which Blair's highly anticipated wedding to Prince Louis finally takes place (whether she goes through with the "I dos" is a different story entirely) the CW has put together a very special promo in honor of the queen herself.

There are a whole lot of Chair moments in this Blair-centric promo. Just saying.

It's a fun promo in any case, and brings back a lot of fond memories. Visit our Gossip Girl spoilers page for all the scoop on "G.G." and beyond, then get excited and nostalgic with the Blair-themed ad below:

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Disappointing... not the CHAIR moment, LOVE the chair moments... but all in all, it tells us little and the quality is poor.


holy shit i miss seasons one and two
blair was the biggest hbic and now she's whiny and annoying

Dr hollis

@Rosie, exactly! Usually I'm a "good girl/good guy" shipper, which is why I naturally gravitated to Derena in Season 1. Chair is my first time shipping the "villains"/"gray characters." And it is so much FUN! Their chemistry and banter is priceless -- we've not really had great banter since mid-Season 4. There was that moment post-breakup when she's helping him with Raina and he's helping her with Epperly, but it wasn't quite the same as what we saw during the first 3 1/2 seasons.


When you watch this you realise that dan and blair 'bantering' has nothing on chair s1 & 2!


I love B. They should do a Chuck and Blair edition!!


@Dr. Holland
It all started with the pilot when chuck was standing across the room, taking a sip of his drink and the way he was watching Blair…since that moment I have shipped them. And like Serena said: "I always thought your prince was right here with his empire in Manhattan." In my mind that will never change. They are Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck.
I'll wait here forever/Just to... to see your smile/'Cause it's true/I am nothin' without You/Trough it all/I made my mistakes/I stumble and fall/But I mean these words
"with me" was written for our two star-crossed lovers who are both damaged characters and who always thought that they didn’t deserve to be loved and yet they love each other for all they are, the good and the bad.
I've never read the books, because I couldn't imagine Blair and Chuck not getting together. Even Cecily von Ziegesar regretted that she never explored their relationship in her books.


It should have titled "Gossip Girl G.G. Promo: Back when we still afforded a hair stylist Edition!"


aww i hate you safran,
i miss this blair waldorf watching this clip makes me want to hate you more for turning this HBIC into an ignorant Jesus freak Hypocrite weakling.

Dr hollis

@Ilovechair - hey, I'll go down with this ship, too! "Fairytale of New York". King and Queen of Manhattan! Blair was AMAZING in those early days. I didn't like Blair much in the GG books so I never made it beyond the second one. Even in the first couple of eps, I wasn't a huge fan. But she had so much of the BEST dialogue in the early seasons. Now she's a shell of herself. I don't know... I keep going back to the song that launched our ship. I thought it was cute when I first heard it in 1x07, but almost five years later (5!!!) the lyrics describe their history AND where they are in the 100th SO perfectly. Their ups and downs -- together or apart -- through highs and lows -- through the good, the bad and the downright ugly. They are truly "Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck." Ahh, love those crazy kids. LOL!


Oh, thank you for reminding us how great s1 and s2 Blair was!!!!! Strong, confident, bitchy!

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