The Aftermath: Gossip Girl Producers Speak on 100th Episode, Seek to Quell Riot

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Blair did indeed say "I do" to Prince Louis on last night's Gossip Girl.

That alone was surprising ... but then she ran out with Dan. Dan!

Why did the show take that route? Executive producer Stephanie Savage explains:

"Part of it was coming from Blair's character and really trying to follow and be consistent with her thought process and her emotions up to this point. And her willingness to stick with her plan and to take this to the end of the line."

"And as we started to think about the story that actually generates, if you kind sort of let your mind percolate into things that might happen in the future, it generates a lot more story this way."

The Runaway Bride?

To that, Co-EP Josh Schwartz teases, jokingly: "Plus, we really just wanted to piss off those Chair fans so they don't destroy my Twitter feeds on a weekly basis."

Savage is quick to point out that Chuck and Blair had "some great great moments in tonight's episode and there are many more to come ... they are not by any means done!"

Schwartz knows plenty of diehards won't be happy, however.

"They're going to come at us with pitchforks! I probably will just not go online. I mean, it's funny, on Friday we aired the final episode of Chuck [which Schwartz also created] and it was so nice and everyone was so lovely and now this will be... the opposite. They are coming for us."

Of course, it's just that kind of fan intensity that helped Gossip Girl hit 100 episodes in the first place. But will everyone keep tuning in to see what happens next?

"You're going to see how [what Blair did] impacts everyone," executive producer Joshua Safran, who wrote last night's "G.G.", says of the very next episode.

"Chuck and Serena together dealing with Dan and Blair together."

As for Louis, Safran says Blair will face "all sorts of consequences" from her new husband. "This is not taken lightly."

Re: Dan and Blair, he teases, "That story's going to go in an interesting direction."

As for the other huge reveal, if Gossip Girl really is the show's awesome villainess Georgina, does that mean Michelle Trachtenberg is now going to narrate the series?

"No. You'll definitely always hear Kristen Bell's voice as Gossip Girl because the idea was never that the voice was attached to a specific person and that one day, Kristen Bell would be on the show and you'd recognize that voice as Gossip Girl. So whenever we hear Gossip Girl, we hear Kristen."

Guess we'll have to wait and see if Georgina is really G.G., or an impostor.

Regarding the future of the season, and beyond, Schwartz explains that he wanted last night to "feel big ... something that would feel like it was pushing the buttons in terms of the core series mythology and core characters, but would also feel shocking and something that would really work as a springboard for the whole back-half of the season."

It also looks like another season is likely after this one, but no more.

"Our philosophy has always been that these kinds of show aren't meant to run forever... This season I think has been one of the best seasons of the show and there's a lot of creative vibrancy to the show and you want to go out on top creatively. So next year the actors' contracts are up and perhaps that is a natural time to end it."

Finally ... as for Blair's endgame?

Savage says: "I'll just say that to the credit of Blair the character and to Leighton the actress, she has so many layers and possibilities that you can really see how either of these guys would be a great fit for her."

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Dan and Blair is the most beautiful couple and interesting show. They are smart, sweet, beautiful and fun at the same time. I went to see Gossip Girl for them and I'm loving this new phase.
I'm sure that from this idea, the writers can create great moves for all characters.


@Tate lol dan was always been there for blair? are we talking from season 1 all the way to season 5? because thats not true. i admit that dan has been there for blair but what's your point in saying this?(thats not gonna make me like ship dair lol) also you need to learn how to read because i did not say blair weakness is cause by dan. i said that "dan only likes blair when she is weak". and yes chuck is becoming a better person unless u have prove that he has not? because even some dair fans can see that chuck is changing even tho they know they will never like chair again. so u can keep hating on the chuck u think he is but don't hate on the wonderful and selfless person he's becoming.


I find the whole thing funny, and getting funnier by the minute, yes I think GG is funny for it's absurd storylines but you know what, I like it. And I think there are more people like me watching than you think, not just chair & dair fans. But mores so, I thank the group of crazy CHAIR fans (NOT ALL CHAIR FANS...but Cmon you crazy ones are letting your 'ship' down, when even the creator is making fun of you) for being ever-reliable for providing the laughs. I wonder if other people are like me and don't even bother reading all of it anymore when it's predictable just like CHAIR itself - "CHAIR ENDGAME, HATE YOU WRITERS, I'M NOT WATCHING, END THE SHOW". Cray crays should go find a real 'person' to love. Anyway how can anyone predict how good or bad new stories will be until they develop. It is S5, shows run their course and lose unoriginality (we all know the old storylines have gone stale). But at least the 100 ep tried. I want GG to end with a twist and not be predictable.


@Chair blah blah blah - Blair becomes weak when she's with Dan? Are we both watching the same show or not? You know whats funny? You keep proving your ship right when its totally not. When invalid reasons becomes your truth. You're making me laugh with your little statement kid. You should be the one watching the recent episodes. Because seriously Blair's weakness is not caused by Dan. If not Louis, its basically Chuck. Dan is there to help Blair. He always does. Don't you get it? Chuck and Blair have drowned themselves so long time ago. This kind of relationship can't be fix. The only option you have is to move on. Do you know how to read? M.O.V.E O.N - perhaps if you still can't, all you need is an assistance. Chuck changing for a better person and your buying it? Ha, I never thought you'd be that ridiculous.


" This season I think has been one of the best seasons of the show and there's a lot of creative vibrancy to the show and you want to go out on top creatively".
Is he serious? best season not by a long stretch.


@ Swede
I hear you!!!!


I do agree that the Dair thing is what kept my interest in the show, I dont understand how ppl say that the idea is/was boring? Come on it was soft, romantic and true friendship in thoose few moments and from that true love do spire. Just cause there were no "hot sex" ppl dismiss the idea? Come on you sexcrazyppl out there :p Sure the Chair thing had its interesting twists but now its just.... boring and old and kinda sensless. But I am affraid that you dont have to worry since as to often radical and twistturning events almost never happend when it comes to shows like this. The curse of commercialism is to strong, sadly :(


please just dont make a story like dawsons creek.


@tate and i think you need to back and get a dictionary because if what chuck and blair feel for each other is lust then they would of been over a long time ago.


@Tate stop acting like your opinions are facts. blair is weak with chuck? umm no blair feelings for chuck make her weak. blair has shown more strength with chuck then with dan because she keeps rejecting being with chuck even though she wants him. its takes a strong person to walk away from something u want. whenever blair is with dan she acts weak and lets dan make decisions for her and always running to him every time goes wrong in her life and that makes her weak. and why are u claiming about blair being weak when dan is she one who only likes her when she's weak and "damsel in distress"(watch what charlie said in 4x19). chuck's crazyness?lmfao are u stuck in season 1,2,3, and 4? we are in season 5 now and chuck is changing into a better person now.

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