The Big Bang Theory Review: The Siri Love Connection

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This week's The Big Bang Theory picked up right where it left off last week. Leonard and Penny actually went on a date and are back together. Yay! They are not only perfect for each other, but the show is much funnier when they're an item.

The banter between them is hilarious, but realistic. It makes sense that this time around they'd take it slow and be cautious. Penny has a better understanding of Leonard and his world. "Beta test," anyone?

Fun with Flags

At the same time, Leonard realized he needed to adjust to Penny's world. How about a Gun range? Of course, he had to shoot himself in the foot! And she had to hide his geeky socks at the hospital for him. Perfect for each other, I tell ya!

While Penny and Leonard slowly worked their romance, Raj jumped fast and furious into his with... Siri! In a way, they are the perfect couple, too. Well, if you can consider a relationship between a man and his voice command and respond phone a relationship anyway. Hey, it's a "woman" that Raj can talk to!

At least Siri responded to Raj's every request. What more can a man want from a woman? Oh, right, physical companionship. That was Raj's downfall. His meeting with "Siri" was the end of a beautiful relationship. The Raj we know and love returned with his nightmare meeting with the sexy "Siri" when his tongue failed him. It was fun while it lasted! It would be nice if Raj finally was able to have a real relationship. Could an androgynous woman be the answer to his partnership woes?

This episode was a winner because all three storylines were full of laughs. Even Sheldon and Amy had their moments with the "Fun with Flags" educational video project. It amazes me how Sheldon (or the writers) come up with these crazy ideas. But they work. Amy was a good sidekick to Sheldon. It must really be love for her to agree to do these videos with him and enjoy it. The best part? Amy as a pretzel! Never saw that coming.

I didn't even mind the appearance of Barry Kripke. Usually he annoys me, but not here. His trouble using Siri rang true and cracked me up. He came, provided laughs, and moved on. Perfect!

The Big Bang Theory was just not the same without Penny and Leonard together. In "The Beta Test Initiation," the world righted itself. While I loved their story tonight, Raj and Siri provided the best laughs! Check out tonight's The Big Bang Theory quotes, then come back and share your favorite moments in the comments! Are you glad Lenny is back?


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I didn't enjoy this episode, except for Raj's storyline. Maybe it's because I can't stand Leonard and Penny together. I don't see how people can like then together. Same with Amy and Sheldon, although they're tolerable compared to Leonard and Penny. I struggled getting through the 3rd season (minus the Sheldon/Penny scenes, cause let's face it: They're friendship is the best part of the show) and I'm sure I'm going to struggle through the rest of this season


Funny but, it was impossible for Leonard to shoot himself in the foot. After arriving at the range, Penny racked the slide on the handgun, then she put the magazine in the gun, then she handed it to Leonard. You would think the writers and actors could get that sequence right. rack slide, magazine in, pull trigger, click, nothing happens. magazine in, rack slide, pull trigger, BANG!, little toe nicked, ricochet kills person in next stall, Leonard goes to jail for life, Penny get 20 years as an accessory, gun range closes forever, gun range owner sued into bankruptcy. All California breathe sigh of relief as more guns have been removed from their state.


TBBT is the only show on network TV that can make me feel stupid. Usually, the jargon flies by so fast I can't follow it. But last I learned a new word - vexilology - and for that alone it was worth tuning in. Who knew there was such a thing? Thanks, Sheldon. That said, however, I can't say Sheldon and Amy made me laugh much this week. (For a couple of geniuses, their German is awful.) I do like seeing Leonard and Penny together, but Amy said something early on that I wish Leonard had noticed and learned from: If you have the girl of your dreams, why go out of your way to find fault?


it was an very good show. only sheldon would think that flags are fun. i always love it when we go though the door with leonard becuase it's alway fun to see his face when he see the crazy things sheldon dose. i like the phone thing with raj. but it's time for to get an grilfriend and talk to women


Best episode this year. All three story lines were funny and in character. Love seeing Leonard and Penny together actually having fun as a couple. The Siri thing was the best Raj bit ever, and the Shammy flag routine was brilliant.


I agree Bruce. She looks like she lost a bunch of weight too.


a hilarious episode! Really loved it!
Was happy with the way the show flowed!
Penny and Lenard are almost funny as Penny and Sheldon together! And who now can day that they aren't ment for each other!
Sheldon and his flags! I like when he is having a storyline away from all the "main" characters! He and Amy really give it all! Can't wait them to go into a more deeper realtionship!
And Raj needs a girl! The show should focus moe on him cause he is amazing !


"the show is much funnier when they are dating." YES!!!!
Great recap/review, Carla. "Usually he [Barry Kripke] annoys me and I cringe when he shows up . . . ." I think Kripke is an excellent character for L,S,H&R to play off of. However, this time the it was hard to believe what the writers have him do - that is, not realize that Siri would have trouble understanding him.


Did anyone else think that at the end of the episode penny looked different?
The hair is much darker......


All three stories were funny.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Penny: You mean like a beta test?
Leonard: Well, technically, this would be an alpha test. A beta test requires people that weren't involved in the development of the appli....
Penny: Seriously, do I not get credit for knowing beta test?
Leonard: No, absolutely you should.

Leonard: I missed you.
Penny: You see me all the time. You sure you don't just miss the sex?
Leonard: Well, yeah, the sex with you is pretty great. Have you ever tried it?
Penny: I have. You're not wrong.