The Good Wife Review: They Got Served

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The Good Wife got right down to business on "Alienation of Affection." All business, all the time.

Indeed, this was my kind of episode, delivering a compelling case, a tight narrative, worthy screen time for all main characters and an absence of some of the silly, soap opera-ish moments that occasionally bogged down the first half of season three. We also got to see David Lee show up at the office like this:

David Lee on The Good Wife

Gone, for this week at least, were any office secrets or prolonged stares between Will and Alicia.

In their place, we had an interesting lawsuit that gathered all the equity partners in one room, allowing for a few fun scenes and arguments, none better than the first-ever meeting between Lee and Eli Gold. Is this a get-to-know you visit or a confrontation, the latter hilarious asked the former, as the two most abrasive personalities at the firm clashed for what I hope won't be the final time.

It was refreshing to be reminded that Lockhart/Gardner is a multi-million dollar law firm. It employs countless individuals and there's an enormous amount at stake in their professional lives each week. It's a fact that is sometimes ignored when Alicia's love life grows into too much of an emphasis.

Here, though, the personal lives and developments of various characters were woven perfectly into the overall case. We had another moment of ice thawing between Alicia and Kalinda as they worked together to figure out the fate of the missing rider; we witnessed Diane at her exasperated best, trying to juggle some semblance of romance with her role as boss/mother to misbehaving underlings; we were even treated to a quick dose of Cary back at the firm, spewing the sort of smarmy honesty we've grown to love, but this time on behalf of his former co-workers.

Without bashing viewers over the head with it, the show also made it clear that Alicia is unsure if she's capable of balancing life as a responsible mother with that of a major law firm player. She almost cost each partner $1.2 million, after all, because she was in a rush to make it to Grace's PTA meeting - and she was only saved by the kind of behavior that has become all-too familiar to her in this corporate world. Does she really have what it takes to advance? Does she want to have what it takes?

Aside from the ever-evolving fraud dilemma, ample time was given to Will and his hiring of Elsbeth Tascioni, easily the most entertaining lawyer on television.

An engrossing storyline that takes Will's occasionally shady side into account - while also weaving in his relationships with Diane, Alicia and even Peter - will be more intriguing to watch going forward, now that the red-haired woman who can't even locate her office phone is on the case. Best of luck underestimating this savvy loon, Wendy Scott-Carr.

And best of luck on the back half of season three, The Good Wife. You're off to an intelligent, fun, fast-paced start, one with an increased focus on the professional universe and the multi-layered character that comprise Lockhart/Gardner. Keep it up.


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I enjoy the Good Wife as well, but I have great respect for the skills of F Murray Abraham. He is always solid.


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Am I the only one who did NOT like that episode ? No I'm with you the witers are running the old side bar to the truth and Alicia is so nieve to what is going on around her. If she had any brains she would get the hell out of there before the place blows up, Dianne and Will plus Lee are the main characters that need to go down now.


About Carry's help, I dont't think he became a good boy over night, I'm shure it was Peter's touch. The SA is after Will, he wouldn't hurt Alicia directly.
I'm not happy about Alicia going deeper into the legal mud, she was for me an example of honesty and verticality and I can't guess what the writers are trying to tell us making her like the others, making mistakes, playing dirty, eventually lying. In court, any witness has to speak the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth. Lying by omission is still considered lying. It's good she got to see the happy family and what equity partner really means, before becoming someone like them.
Am I the only one who did NOT like that episode ?


Diane having Will's back, Will being concerned what will come, David Lee at his bitchy but very underhanded. In the real world the whole lot would be disbarred and spend time in the big house.


Loved this show for a change. So glad all the soap opera stuff wasn't in it - the mother and the kids don't belong. This was a great examples of what good actors are on this show. Love Tascioni, the lawyer. She, like Kalinda, have their own distinct style of acting and interpreting their characters. It was a mature storyline and very enjoyable. Hope it continues!


Great episode. And Tacioni for ever. Much much better than anyone else lawyer. I am always Willllicia, but they can wait for a little while..and..a new man for Diane, or just my impression?


I echo what Ellen said, GREAT Episode! Their written on this show is excellent. How they are able to mixed the personal, with professional is the key to the show success!


This show is so sophisticated, and yet downright cute at times. Sure, some storylines were overplayed, but not true in this episode. It was fresh, and funny for a change of the sex drive between Kalinda and everyone else. lol. The acting in this show makes me want to stand and cheer.


Loved everything about last night's show. I don't have a bad thing to say about it. Everything was great. I'm not familiar with Will's attorney, since I didn't watch True Blood, but she is great. I laughed and laughed. Loved the confrontation with her and Wendy Scott Carr. Bring it! I can't wait till next Sunday's show. I will definitely have to buy the DVD shows. Good actors and writers.

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