The Secret Circle Review: What's Red and White and Wears a Giant Smile?

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"Fire/Ice" was the name of the high school dance, and I assume was meant to have some analogy to light and dark magic - but it didn't resonate for me. Or maybe I didn't want it to. 

While I think dark magic is the best thing to happen to The Secret Circle, I don't know if I could have stood another few episodes of lame three word spells, such as the one they used to change dress colors and set it on fire. Too bad they all don't work like that. Lame spell and whoosh go the flames!

After Cassie's near-death experience at the hands' of Diana's grandmother, they gals become closer, but Diana still finds Cassie unsettling. I'm so impressed with Diana and her ability to not only accept, but actually be nice to Cassie after she caused her break-up with Adam. As much as destiny in this particular group would be difficult to ignore, she really is a mature girl, whereas I would definitely not be.

Faye vs. Lee

Faye is still after Cassie's magic and fortuitously she ripped a page from Cassie's mother's family book containing an extremely powerful spell. Of course, it was one that would allow Lee to suck the dark magic out of her family line. Really, what are the odds? It was just a drawing, and one that Cassie didn't even have meaning for until she noted the page was gone. Those unplanned coincidences to move plot forward drive me nuts.

It was obvious that Faye's burning desire to steal Cassie's essence and powers wouldn't work out to anyone's advantage, but I was really confused when tethering her to Cassie seemed to suck the life out of the other members of the circle. I did enjoy the giant, malicious smile on Faye's face. It made her very sexy. But I do have a heart and was pleased she freaked when she realized the damage her little stunt caused her friends.

The circle isn't secret any more, and it appears the rest of the season will be aimed at Cassie fighting the dark magic that has been handed down from both her mother and her father. Faye stomped off again, and I'm pretty sure she and Lee are engaging in sexual relations as I type this, so even with Jake back in town, the circle is still incomplete. What I'm trying to say is... I'm confused about the direction of the show.

Where is it going? The parents are still pissed years after their circle was broken and use mean magic. I don't think it's dark, but it's for nefarious purposes. Their kids are completely out of control and Cassie is without any family at all at this point, yet she's the one with dark magic streaming through her body. Is Jake going to pull Cassie to the dark side while Adam pulls her to the light? Where will Diana stand? I'd be tempted to toss the circle aside for my man and to give Cassie up to the darkness and Jake.

I really have no idea. We are directly in the middle of the season so anything could happen. Dark magic is far more fun than Bewitched style enchantment, but if the circle is the end game, they're going to have to give us a reason to want them to fight together, and perhaps against a common enemy. They're still all over the Chance Harbor map.

Other thoughts:

  • Did anyone else wonder why the guy who Cassie mistook for Jake wasn't kind of excited that she had run after him? Chick is hot. What a dweeb.
  • Wasn't the giant fake fire pit at the dance cool? I even liked the little one Melissa was toying with earlier. They should have given directions on how to make those suckers.
  • They went to a dance and Cassie wore clam diggers?
  • Adam and Cassie sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G.


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Kimberly anne

I really hope Jake and Cassie get together. I have never liked Adam. Thomas really is a bad actor. Diana is so pretty. I hope she gets a new guy or is gorgeous because Adam looks too emo.


Thomas Dekker is a terrible actor and Adam sucks. Jake is a little bit better...


The circle's magic chants suck, seriously. SO BAD. The writers are so all over the place on that one, and getting worse.
Also, could they please give that manic mother of Faye's something else to say than whining for the crystal all the time? Or suggesting murder on a regular basis? She is so flat these days she could be a paper doll.
Well, there are a bunch of random observations. I keep watching, but man oh man, this show is nowhere near the same league as TVD. I keep hoping....


I have no idea where the reviewer got the "dark magic from both parents" bit. I don't see it. And OH YEAH! that Lee took Faye's blood is potentially very significant. I suspect you can work alot of deep magic with blood.... as long as the writer's remember they put that bit in and use it that is. I'm totally stoked J. Blackwell is not dead is is coming to town, that should heat things up. And how against type would it be to have sweet Cassie and then sweet Diana both be his black magic daughters...I like it. Faye is of course the obvious choice. SO obvious. I adore Faye. She is a little pistol, and keeps the cauldron stirred up.And I like her getting with Lee, they so suit each other. That could be hot...


I really enjoyed this episode. I hate Feye. She is an uncontrolable snot


If you had asked me in the beginning of the season I would have said Adam and Cassie FTW, but after a while when Diana and Adam broke up, Cassie has been really on the friendship side with Adam and Jake was in the picture. I'm more "Go team Jassie!" But the good thing is, I hope, that it will cause some drama between Jake, Cassie and Adam. But gotta say, Jake and Cassie much better. You're a bit too late in my book Adam..


Honestly I prefer Cassie and Jake together. I just do.


I do not see why it is said in the review that Cassie has dark magic from both of their parents?? Does it mean that Amelia had dark magic? Maybe she only had the spell to strack dark magic in her book of shadows to help Blackwell turn good. What do people think of this?? I also expect Adam's dad to spill the beans and start revealing what he knows to Cassie.


I wish i could find a good word for this episode..but for my own dissapointment it was just a total waste of precious time. Started with an awesome episode TVD at thursday, and than landed hard on my ass with this hour. Sorry, but everything that could keep me stay curious about what will happen is missing. And Cassie and Adam. No way. He looks so damned gay, and please don`t take it as a insult Thomas, if you are, please embrace it. But it looks weird for me seeing these both together. Even the "i have no reaction in my face" Jake seems cooler than you..And it`s nothing wrong with beeing the soft guy..Urghhh


Ok, so I'm not sure it was Jake that saved cassie and Melissa. If you look at the boots that run in before cassie passes out, they are different than the shoes Jake is wearing when he walks down the stairs in the abandoned house. Which makes me think maybe John Blackwell is kicking around Chance Harbour. Then it would make sense if Melissa was also his daughter because he saved her top. And I did find it significant that Lee put the kleenex in his pocket. It would be interesting if he was Blackwell in disguise...

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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Adam: Diana, she thinks I need to figure out my feelings for Cassie.
Adam H: Do you? Have feeling for Cassie?
Adam: Yes. I felt a connection between us the first moment we met.

Jake was a witch hunter. And even if he started to question that, he chose to leave with them in the end.