The Vampire Diaries 2012 Premiere Teaser: Who Leaves Mystic Falls?

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Thanks to the good folks at The CW, I was fortunate enough to ring in 2012 by watching a screener of this Thursday's new episode of The Vampire Diaries.

So, what will be the deal with "The New Deal?" You'll need to wait until 8 p.m. on January 5 to find out, but I'll be teasing one spoiler over each of the next five days until then. Whet your appetite for the blood-sucking goodness to come below...

Klaus vs. Damon

Teaser #1: Someone leaves Mystic Falls.

Forever? I doubt it, but the set up makes perfect sense and doesn't really leave a door open for this individual to return. Yes, it's a key character and, yes, tears are shed during his/her goodbye.

Let the guessing games begin!

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Could be Alaric, if someone tries to kill his new girlfriend (ie: Klaus)and he tries to stop it and gets killed in the process. That would be sad and I would consider him a main character on the show. Other possibilities are Jeremy, Matt and Tyler, but they are all listed as being in 66 episodes on IMBD, so not too sure on that.


Matthew Davis ... Alaric Saltzman (58 episodes, 2009-2012)


It's Jeremy . SO FLIPPING SAD & MAD!!!!!! I can’t wait for The Vampire Diaries to return! What can you spoil? — Heather NATALIE: When Klaus decides to take up residence in Mystic Falls, Elena will learn the hard way just how much danger she’s putting her brother in. “There has to be a big change,� executive producer Julie Plec tells us. “What that is, and what she does, is part of the first episode back.� Let’s just say we might not see Jeremy for a while.[/spoiler]


I think if Ian leaves the show ratings will drop so fast and viewers will be
very upset, unless that is what they plan to achieve! I will personally be
disappointed in TV series altogether.


I think its Tyler.
And what is the number of the episode thats going to be airing.


People who it will not be: Elena, Damon, Klaus, Rebekkah, Caroline
People who it probably won't be: Bonnie, Ric, Matt
Person who most likely fits the bill: Tyler


Ok, did somebody say it might be Damon?!! Oh hell no, he should be here and with Elena damn it


@Jess no it's not


If you just take a few minutes to look on IMDB its obvious by who isnt appearing in the episodes :)


I think it's jeremy who's leaving since he's not mentioned in the next episodes,at first i thought it was going to be matt,then i read some spoilers that says him,elena and bonnie are going to organise a party for caroline.Damon,stefan and elena can't leave coz they are the main characters of the show,caroline is celebrating her bday next ep so she can't leave,tyler can't leave as well since klaus is still in mystic falls and i heard he's going to get an ally that will help him get his free will,i don't think ric is leaving either.The best option is jeremy,so probably elena is going to cry when he's leaving.

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