Has Stefan's actions placed Elena in danger? Klaus stares her down in this scene from the 2012 premiere of The Vampire Diaries.
Klaus appears to have found a friend. This can't bode too well for Damon, Elena and company.
Tyler is struggling with life as a hybrid. It's essentially ended his relationship with Caroline, to the chagrin of many.
Kiss her, Damon! Do it! You know you want to. This is a scene from the episode "The New Deal."
Will Elena finally make a move on Damon? Stefan has made it pretty clear that he's no longer interested in her.
Make that a double, bartender. Alaric and Damon have some serious, dangerous business to attend to.
Be very careful, Elena. Klaus may be in the Mystic Falls Grill here, but we doubt he's there to casually order a burger and fries.
Klaus is back in Mystic Fall and he is NOT happy. He confronts Damon in this scene from "The New Deal."

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I can't drink all this by myself. I mean, I can. But then someone is getting naked.


Elena: The Stefan that we know is gone.
Bonnie: How is Damon handling that?
Elena: Damon is... Damon.

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 10 Music

  Song Artist
Yuck shook down Shook Down Yuck iTunes
Apex manor teenage blood Teenage Blood Apex Manor iTunes
The trigger code come on lets do it ok Come On Let's Do It OK! The Trigger Code iTunes