The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 94

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Another Vampire Diaries Caption Contest has come and gone.

As always, we're grateful to all who submitted an entry. You make it difficult to choose a winner each week - but the prize goes to user "Statherine" in this case, as he/she sent in the caption posted below this shot of an angry Jeremy setting his sights on Tyler.

Thank you again for playing and don't fret if you lost. Come back and participate next time!

Jeremy vs. Tyler

Jeremy: Call me boring... one... more... time...

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Jeremy: Say hello to my little friend.


'You put your right leg in, your leg out, in out, in out shake it all about, do the hoo- oh hey jeremy! You look a bit different, did you get a haircut?'


'You put your right leg in, your right leg out, in out, in


Tyler: Oh Hell No!!!

Angel 96

Jeremy: Tyler, fetch. Good boy.


Jeremy: dont you dare mock Justin Bieber


I hope you sterilized that thing first.

Rhianna speranzo

Tyler: Can't touch this.


Tyler: I swear, I am not Jacob's cousin!


oh no....not the jacket

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