The Vampire Diaries Review: A Guilty Pleasure

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Let's get right to it, shall we? To conclude the first new episode of The Vampire Diaries in weeks, Elena and Damon gave many fans what they've been clamoring for all season:

A kiss.

And not some kiss where one party thinks he's on his death bed and the other is comforting him in a time of pain. A real kiss. A definitive lip lock. An official, wet, tongue-filled jaunt to first base. Was it worth the wait, Delena 'shippers?

A Tease of Delena

Count me among those who welcomed the development. Not because I'm rooting for Elena and Damon. Nor am I cheering on Elena and Stefan. I'm simply a fan of strong storytelling and it was about time the writers chose a path for these two.

Who knows where this path will lead. Who's to say whether it goes any further or what happens in a week. But for now, when all we have to go on is what we just witnessed, "The New Deal" provided Damon with a legitimate basis for finally laying one on Elena. We've had enough longing glances, enough tip-toeing around the subject.

Damon loves Elena. Stefan doesn't want her anymore. And, hey, as Damon put it, if he's gonna feel guilty anyway, why not give himself a moment he can savor? Something to actually feel guilty about? Bravo, D. Way to make your move.

But while the Smooch Heard 'Round The Vampire Diaries World may be all most fans are talking about right now, it wasn't all that went down on the first new episode of 2012. The hour wasn't filled with the show's usual action, twists or turns - but it did feature a number of revealing conversations that should lay the groundwork for what's to come. To wit:

A House for Klaus. The scariest homemaker ever had a plan for his casketed family members: he wanted them all to live happily ever after in a mansion his army refurbishes (Extreme Makeover: Hybrid Edition?). He still does. He just has to actually get those family members back from Stefan.

Should Elena have helped this process along by handing Rebekah over to her brother? I think so. She can't trust Klaus, of course, but she can try to play his game and understand his goals. There's no point in being stubborn here. If Klaus can reunite his family, he really will leave Mystic Falls alone.

Hear that, Stefan? Stop watching ABC on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. Revenge gets you nowhere. It simply endangers the ones you love.

Farewell to Jeremy? I've read nothing about Steven R. McQueen leaving the series. It's safe to assume Jeremy will return at some point. But his departure here made perfect sense and, let's face it, if protecting Jeremy truly is Elena's priority, she made the proper decision and he should never come back.

Two ex-girlfriends are dead. Another is the most boring character on the show. His aunt has passed. Hit those slopes in Colorado, Jer. You've earned a long vacation.

You Gotta Have Faith. Or do you? Tyler thought so to begin the episode, explaining his siring to Klaus in ways reminiscent of a cult. He maintained possession of his own decision-making factors... but also showed complete faith in his leader. Can Tyler truly see right from wrong anymore? Did Jeremy's crossbow-armed message resonate? It appeared to, which means Tyler could actually end up as a secret weapon to be used against Klaus.

Penetrate his inner circle? Act like a loyal servant? Pounce when the time is right? It might take a hybrid to kill a hybrid. And the good guys have themselves a hybrid! If he's willing to play the part. How can he not? If only for the love of the (very much missed this week) Caroline Forbes alone?

Got a Secret, Can Damon Keep It? Forget the kiss. Damon should be feeling guilty for another reason: he's now teaming up with Stefan, unbeknownst to Elena. Why do I get the feeling she won't be happy when she learns the brothers are plotting behind her back?

Far more questions than answers this week. A lot of talking that, I have no doubt, will lead to far more action down the line. Sides are being chosen. Plans are being made. And, of course, spit is being swapped.

Check out the CW promo for next Thursday's "Our Town" and respond: WHAT DID EVERYONE ELSE THINK?


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I think we all know, it will be a long journey till we will know who`s winning at the end. But please, don`t forget. Elena wants to stay human. This means, it doesn`t matter which one she choose for live. It couldn`t stay long except she decides otherwise and become a vampire, or like the books. Damon will get human again.Love Damon, not beca


Wow, where should I start. Well i´m shipping with neither of all these couple-freaks outside, Delena and Stelena or Datherine or whatever stupid names you gave the. I love these show, and i think it`s on the highest level when it comes to the complicated relationsship of the bro`s Damon and Stefan. I`m not interested in these couple stuff. But Stelena fans forgive me. Even the hardest fans of you must admit, that Damon and Elena are maybe the cutest couple of tv-show history. And i`m really proud of these guy. It takes a lot to come out with the trues about your brothers true reason when you know it can push the girl of your dreams back in his direction. But he won`t lie about anything. He just want her true feelings, not the feelings she`s maybe forced to because Stefan plays the total jerk for good reasons.
use he`s obviously beautiful. Just because he is like he is. Hoping for many good episodes like this one..


Elena is a teenager. She is allowed to have confusion with her feelings for Stefan and Damon. I don't know what that says about me because I would have a hard time choosing between the two of them and I'm 68 years old. I look forward to the show every Thursday. All of the characters add something and I hope that Jeremy will return if indeed he leaves town at all.


I'm so happy Delena finally kissed, anything between those two is set in stone. I actually liked the timing BECAUSE she KNEW the truth. She obviously falling big time and the truth wasn't enough...Stefan and her are just so much better without each other...


I have no problems with the kiss and also with the fact that it doesn't necessarily mean is the start of love relationship between Elena and Damon. Jeremy leaving made a lot of sense, but who are we kidding he will be back.
Bonie needs to get a good storyline soon. One that doesn't involve making spells to solve all the other characters problems.
No offense people but why do you want Stefan to go back to Elena when he is such a more complex and interesting character this way?
No one has mentioned it but a pairing of Damon and Klaus seems perfect to me. If Elena wasn't around and the whole "we need the doppelganger to break the curse" hadn't happened I really believe that Damon and Klaus would have had a perfect bromance. With all due respect to Alaric.
One more comment I'm still waiting on someone to pull the dagger out of Elijah. Please let it be soon!


As for Jeremy, I'll miss him, though I'm sure he'll be back. This show has proven they don't mind killing people off when the story demands it. If they were going to get rid of Jeremy for good, I think they might have allowed him to be killed. (although I realize the effect that could have on main characters like Elena, and they probably didn't want to stray with that either). To end with, I have one question for Matt Richenthall. You've been saying for months that Bonnie has become a horrible character in the way the show uses her as nothing more than a plot device. I agree with you, but how does the show change that and still keep her around? Should there be a huge story arc for her that gets her back on track, a new love interest (though that hasn't proved successful in the past). What do the writers need to do to bring Bonnie back, to make her a true part of the show again, or should she still be around at all?


Something I was quite excited about was the introduction of Dr. Fell, Dr. MEREDITH Fell to be more specific. No offense to Paul Wesley, but I could care less that his wife is playing the part, I'm interested in the character. Anyone who has read the books knows that Meredith was a very big character. Now in keeping with the show's history, this Meredith is completely different from the one in the books (which I'm glad about, I like the show much more than the books), but the introduction of Meredith was something that Kevin Williamson promised last season would be coming in the near future so I've been waiting for it. I'm going out on a limb to say, I think that may be another reason why Sara Canning as Jenna was killed off last season. They were making room for a new romantic interest for Alaric.


For me personally, I was happy to see the Delena kiss finally. Sadly, I think I was kind of glad that they just did it finally, and wasn't so happy about the kiss itself. I agree with what others have said it was tainted by Damon telling Elena that Stefan saved him, because now Elena is more confused than ever. But never the less I'm glad the kiss finally came, and I am looking forward to seeing where they take it in the coming weeks.


I loved this episode. I think Jeremy will be back at some point but I understand why Elena's sending him away I mean he lost everyone he's cared about and the only one left is Elena. I was so happy that Damon and Elena finally kissed. I cant wait till klause wakes Rebecca again it should be interesting. I can't wait till the next episode it looks great.


So happy for that kiss! It's about time!! BUT we all know Damon loves Elena and we all have a hunch that Elena does indeed love Damon so Elena needs to lay a kiss on Damon. She needs to admit it to the world and most of all to herself! Geez....bring Damon to me...I'll have no problem laying one on him! Ready for the next step!!

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