The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The New Deal"

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Hmmm... did anything significant happen on the return of The Vampire Diaries this week? Our Round Table members might have a tough time coming up with topics for the first edition of this feature in 2012.

JUST KIDDING! Read on to see what Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi and Dan Forcella have to say about "The New Deal" and all the crazy, sexy happenings that resulted from it...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The drink Damon and Klaus shared. I'm always a sucker for enemies that sort of respect each other, and also sort of need each other, so they can actually have regular, calm conversations that are never too far away from an all-out war. Keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Steve: I'll let the teenage girls in this panel swoon over the closing scene and point out some broader things I enjoyed from this well-written episode: Tyler differentiating siring and compulsion, and establishing a gray area in between; Seeing Klaus on the defensive for a change; Damon's increasing alcohol consumption and inner turmoi; Bon-Bon playing a (relatively) useful role.

Dan: We will get there in question five, but for me, it was the kiss. It was equal parts sweet and awesome.

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Was Elena right to have Damon compel Jeremy?
Matt: A tough one. But... yes. It echoes what Damon told Stefan last season: truly loving someone means doing what's best for him/her, regardless of how that makes he/she view you. Elena was thinking solely of Jeremy's well-being and not of how angry he might get at her if he ever finds out what happened. That's real love.

Steve: She was. It's exactly the kind of decision a concerned sister would make. I just wonder what they told the family friends in Denver.

Dan: Yes, and if Jeremy leaves us for the rest of the season (or at least until the finale), I commend the writers for making such a realistic decision. There comes a point where it makes too much sense for a main character to just leave town, and that point has come for Jer Bear.

Where the heck was Caroline Forbes?!?
Matt: Probably hooking up with Matt in the alley behind The Grill. Sorry, Forwood fans. She's clearly moved on.

Steve: Maybe off with Eric Hochberger, who reportedly "forgot the Vampire Diaries was on" last night. More like boycotted it when he learned CF would not appear.

Dan: I'd rather not talk about it. I don't wanna shed any tears on my keyboard.

Should Elena have handed Rebekah over to Klaus?
Matt: Yes. She was taking up space in a basement that should clearly be turned into a game room at this point. Beer pong, anyone?!?

Dan: Sure. I don't think it could really hurt her cause in any way - Klaus is an a-hole that will do with Elena what he wants - but maybe it helps put her in the good graces of the king hybrid for awhile. Maybe it gives her a bit of time to help the Salvatore bros figure out how they're going to get rid of this and all the Originals.

Steve: Daniel makes a good point. Being stubborn or defiant isn't going to accomplish much when it comes to Klaus. Might as well give him what he wants, watch it play out and figure out her next move from there, while hopefully earning some degree of trust.

The Delena kiss: Ohhhh, yeah!!! or Ohhhh, no!!! ?
Matt: As I wrote in my review, the former reaction. I actually rolled my eyes when it first appeared as if this were just another tease (I get it. My brother's girl...), and then broke into a huge smile when Damon turned around in his brooding tracks and laid one on Elena.

Dan: A big Kool-Aid Man style "OHHHH YEEAAAHHH!!!!" I don't care what everyone says, I'm still holding out hope for these two kids. When Damon stated that he was going to have something to be guilty about, I fist pumped about as high as you can. What a stud.

Steve: I don't have a strong opinion about this scene. Sorry.

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Matt Also Caroline hasn't moved on from Tyler. Spoilers point to them getting back together down the line. But she's clearly over Matt. LOL


I'm sorry, I disagree! Elena took away Jeremy's free will by having Damon compel him. Yeah, she doesn't want to loose another family member because she can't handle it. That's being selfish and she's playing God! He's a Gilbert they fight Vampire's and if he wanted to make the choice to stay or leave. That shouldn't of been taken away from him. Plus after his near death experience. He made the most sense out of anyone. He saved Alaric and Elena from that Hybrid proving that he can handle himself under pressure. Unlike Elena who forgot about her vampire slayer training under pressure and were worried about Jeremy? lol

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Where the heck was Caroline Forbes?!?
Sadly not in the episode. Thus making the whole episode VERY boring.
Should Elena have handed Rebekah over to Klaus?
Just one of many stupid ideas of elena gilbert.
The Delena kiss: Ohhhh, yeah!!! or Ohhhh, no!!! ?
A big eww and vomiting. IT was forced. It was unfitting considering what happened. It goes against whatever miniscule little tiny speckle of character set up elena had. It makes Damon be a dick. Everything about it screams fanservice and nothing coherence.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Stefan: Shut up elena.
Now I can't stand both salvatore bros obviously, as well as Elena but I cheered at that. Someone needs to tell Miss Cardboard off more often instead of agreeing with her stupidity.
Was Elena right to have Damon compel Jeremy?
Frankly The whole plot felt like a cheap way to get rid of character you don't know how to write without actually killing him(since people don't die on tvd). making ELENA make that decision puts her as the idol of caring mary sues even more and people already puke at that.


There was no fav scene for me... honestly... there was more hype about this ep than anything happening. Stefan is getting on my last nerve and would not shed a tear if he were to die... Yes, he needed to be safe and go away and get an interesting story line. Caroline was reeling from the break up with Tyler. Eric Hochberger was probably comforting her or something. lol.
She will be back soon with a story... Yes, she couldn't undagger her without Rebekah killing her or something so the best way was to hand her over to Klaus. Klaus would not have killed Elena, just her friends. Delena kiss was long way in the making and the best part of the ep.


1.Fav scene! The scene which marked the whole episode was the KISS! But I mostly enjoyed in the Jeremy-Tyler scenes(especially the confrontation) and Jeremy tking down the hybrid! From all this boys Jeremy has the Sexy-Hunter factor and sells it really well!
2. Jeremy going away!? I expected so much more from Jeremy! The ghost story just got stupid! At the end it seems like a story to cut him off! And he's just 16? Bonnie U Pedo!? He should've been older so they've could turn him! For now him leaving is OK but he should comeback like Tyler in season 2!
3.Caroline? Missed hher to! She will kick ass next week! So we don't go overdose!
4.Becca! For now she is good daggered no time for psycho Vamps, to much kissing! But maybe She will go after Jeremy, just for some ABC Revenge!
5.KiSS! It was a long road and it paid off! It was magical and everyone liked it ! But I smell an even better kiss in the rain next week.


oops typo* Another side not*


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Was Elena right to have Damon compel Jeremy?
Yes! I think so! But we need to get him back as as possible.
Where the heck was Caroline Forbes?!?
Good question! i was asking that through out the episode. Ms. Flawless Forbes was missed!!
Should Elena have handed Rebekah over to Klaus?
YES! I agree, that room needs to become a game room ASAP.
The Delena kiss: Ohhhh, yeah!!! or Ohhhh, no!!! ?
OHH YEAHH!! being an idiot went on twitter and found out they kissed so i was anticipating it the whole episode .. I'm excited to see where the writers take this .. The tvd writers are extremely talented and i trust them to keep the storylines fresh and interesting .. On a side note, im so happy that the ghost storyline is long gone .. Anoher side not : I MISSED THE ROUND TABLES SO FRIGGIN MUCH!!!!

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