The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Who is Your Favorite Original?

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Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah. Klaus, Rebekah, Elijah. Rebekah, Elijah, Klaus.

No matter how you rank them, each of the Original family members on The Vampire Diaries brings something absolutely frickin awesome to the table. There's no debating that the additions of Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Claire Holt have provided a major jolt to the series.

But there is debating which of these Originals is the best. Or, at least, there's about to be. Various members of the TV Fanatic staff have gathered to argue this exact question - WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE ORIGINAL? - before turning it over to our readers for their take...

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Carissa Pavlica: I was really fond of the original Original, Elijah. There was something about him that seemed like a gentler version of those who have come after. He's been gone for a while and I may need to reassess as he comes back into the picture, but I'm sticking with him.

Eric Hochberger: As the resident sleaze I know I'm supposed to go with Rebekah, but I still have to pick Klaus. Every show needs a good villain. Even if that villain is stealing my Caroline.

Carla Day: Elijah ... Klaus ... Elijah ... Klaus ... I can't decide. I like them both, but for different reasons. I miss Elijah and I'm glad he's finally back, so that may skew it in his favor. But Klaus is so deliciously bad. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with Caroline. I'm going to sit back and spend hours pondering this very important decision.

Leigh Raines: Klaus. It's so rare to create a villain you and hate and root for at the same time. Plus, you know, his sexiness and accent don't hurt.

Miranda Wicker: I didn't know I missed Elijah until he showed up on my screen, so I'm going with Elijah. Rebekah and Klaus are too whiny for my tastes in villains. Elijah is unpredictable and smooth, which makes him just the right amount of scary. (And dude can ROCK a suit and tie. Swoon!)

Steve Marsi: Somebody's gotta give Rebekah some love, so I'll channel my inner Eric and choose her. Reason being: Have we seen Elijah and/or Klaus stretch like that? Didn't think so.

Matt Richenthal: I got your back, Steve, by wishing I had Rebekah's front... if you know what I mean! She's really cute, that's all. And Holt's reaction to learning the truth about her brother on "Ordinary People" was maybe my favorite acting moment of the season.

Dan Forcella: Klaus. The dude exudes more swag with one glare than Elijah could ever dream of.

Christina Tran: Elijah is awesome! That is all.

Your turn, readers. Who is your favorite Original?


Elijah is beyond anmazing and definantly the scariest character to ever enter TVD. He is evil, i know people say he has morals and yes he does but he also would rip your skin off and watch you scream in agony if you even think about defying him. Klaus is not evil, he is emotional but not evil or badass or interesting. where as Elijah is a sociopath with a suit who doesn't take shit from anybody and is probably one of the funniest and most badass characters on the show. Elijah wins hands down.


Elijah. He couldn't be more perfect! He is gorgeous, kind, trustworthy, seductively dangerous... But this 'James Bond' style when he rips hearts out is absolutely priceless!! Klaus looks like every blond, blue-eyed creepy child in horror movies. Well played. The fact that he draws snowflakes and Caroline just before burst out slaughtering everyone is an interesting touch... I don't think anyone can dislike Rebekah. She's so sweet... Pity she's been daggered so many times. Kol is a brat. Good riddance! Finn was dealing with depression and suicidal inclinations. The mommy's boy never stood a chance, really! Michael is a huge dick! Yet, I loved so much Sebastian Roché as 'Balthazar' in 'Supernatural' I hope I see more of him.


Kol ♥


Kol is the best ;)


I really hope that nmoicg back Kat gets to see the chemistry between Elena and Damon, and i really hope we get to see more of the boiling hate-love relationship between DE because there is no "just friends" anymore. there use to be but now it's all down hill for the both of them. In an interview wih Ian, he stated that you would think once you let out your feelings of love toward someone it would be much easier to deal with, but he has informed us that it will only get worse for Damon in relations to how he feels for Elena, that eventually (hopefully not too long, but i don't want it to be too soon) he's is going to explode and the truth will be revealed.


I love all three of them. They are so different and each one of them is amazing!


Elijah hands down my fave original and second fave character from the show stefan would be first.


When it comes to the Original brothers I can understand how Catherine feels about the Salvatore brothers «it's OK to love them both »... however my fave is Elijah - for me the best moment of this season was his dramatic entrance in the last show.
I understand with his new show Daniel Gillies probably won't be able to become a series regular. But it would be great if he could be a regular guest star. Like on Gossip girl the character of Georgina comes back one or twice per season. Please writers make it so!! I would be eternally grateful.


i don't know people are saying that klaus was overhyped and doesn't come off as scary or intimidating. i mean if anyone on the show was overhyped it was mikael. i mean there was all this hype and fuss about him coming on the show and was killed off in just three episodes. i know this is tvd and characters getting offed is bound to happen. but my point is that i didn't find klaus to be overhyped in the least bit. if anything joseph has stolen the show this season. he's done a tremendous job in his role since joining the show and works very well with daniel, claire, and the rest of the cast. the story of the originals is by far the best story on tvd to be told. i am looking forward to seeing the last two remaining brothers. i love all the originals. TEAM ORIGINALS!


I screamed with glee when Elijah FINALLY came back!!! I've missed him!!! Can't wait to see how he shakes things up! :-D

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