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No contest.Elijah.

He is the only vampire, whether we are talking VD or twilight who has the stature and force of a True Original.

Joseph Morgan is badass but somehow needs to "play bigger". He needs more complexity to interest me.

Claire Holt is great as a spoilt rich brat with a bit of heart, but listen baby, we are talking originals, she seems to be a normal kid born with a silver spoon in her mouth.


In terms of being a pure Badass Elijah kills klaus.I posted somewhere that we have yet to see any true moments/scenes were you sit back and go "Wow,holy shit" with anything related to Klaus.In this viewers eyes, the scene from season 2 involving Elijah (with moonstone) coming to Damons aid and annihilating werewolf jules wolfpack in mere seconds has yet to be topped.The man is awesome and is the shows best Vampire.


Elijah,,,he's cool,an collected,,bt,u gotta love Klaus and his evil ways,,,they are both great additions to TVD,,,


klaus hands down klaus


Elijah's - slick dick image tarnised by a wishy washy morals an obsession for high school principal suits and a 1990's boyband hair parting

Rebecca'- a thousand years old wannabe cheer leader need I say more

Klaus - like all true villans harbors serious childhood issues looks very non-threatening and vulnerable but reaedy to squat all those who stand in his way like flies including mommy and daddy...true badass!


Yeah, at first i liked Klaus but now he's just to soft for me to be this Terrifying Villian. I mean Mikael was SCARY. Klaus is just ok. And now he's falling in love with Caroline i mean how is that suppose to make me shake with fear....IT DOESN"T. Rebekah cries to much. So ELIjah wins my Vote all the way. He's sssooo UNPREDICTABLE and i ♥ it. Team Elijah!!!!


i like both Klaus and Elijah.
Elijah is so smooth and scary in a low-key kind of way, plus he has this way about him, and his Katerina backstory in the 'Klaus' episode made me love him even more.
And Klaus, oh Klaus, I've always loved you.


Klalijahkah. It would be so interesting to see the three of them reunited.


My reaction when the originals appeared:

Elijah: *eyes widening* Please tell me he's not going to die anytime soon.Don't make him an expenditure just because Damon or something needs to live.
*30 minutes later, Damon puts a stake through his heart*
Ugh, he seemed so awesome...
*Final 5 minutes of "Rose"*
That is just - I need a new "favorite character" banner.

Klaus: Wait, that's it? They've been building up an entire season for him?
*2 episodes later, "The Sun Also Rises"*
Am I supposed to be scared of him or something? I'm too distracted by Elijah's minimal dialogue in this episode.
*Almost half a season later*
He's a layered villain and all, but can he kill a person that's not as insignificant to "Not Now Dana", whose only purpose was to make "Not Now Dana" a staple in the fandom..

Rebekah: They actually made her an Original?
*5 episodes later, Ordinary People*
Claire Holt can certainly act but I'm still not sold on her "bratty, spoiled Original angle"


Elijah, hands down. Klaus isn't even in the same league as Elijah, it's just plain embarrassing. I almost laughed when he stepped out of his box when he first appeared and I said that's it. He's nothing like I imagined him to be at all. He overacts in my opinion and all he does is smirk most of the time. I try not to laugh when he's on. Rebekah is a spoiled whiny little brat who was always throwing a temper tantrum. She only gained sympathy from me in the last episode so we'll see how she is when she wakes up. But Elijah. The man knows how to make an entrance, wear a suit and leave an impression! I hope they are smart this time and keep him around longer.

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