The Vampire Diaries Teaser #2: A Secret Revealed

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Are you ready for clue number-two, Vampire Diaries fans?

As previously detailed, I was fortunate enough to watch the winter premiere, "The New Deal," over the weekend. Leading up to Thursday's airing of the episode, I'll be posting one tease per day related to events from the terrific installment, the first of which had to do with a character departing Mystic Falls for an undetermined amount of time.

Now, on to the next spoiler...

Bromance at the Bar

A major secret will be revealed.

By whom? To whom? You'll need to tune in and find out. But I can say that it changes one character's outlook and plays a role in the final scene of the episode.

Once again, let the guessing games - and the countdown to the return of TVD - begin!

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Compelling someone to stay and not be afraid is forcing someone to stay without physically making them. Oh and let's not forget that Damon was going to kill Caroline if Stefan didn't put vervain in Caroline's drink. Now Damon also got Andie on his own into the tub. But once he revealed that he's a vampire. Damon had to compel Andie to not be afraid so he can have someone to talk to, feed on and have sex with him. Remember Stefan telling Damon that Andie isn't a toy. He's right she isn't and she was staying with him not out of her own free will. But because she was compelled not be afraid of him. Now don't get me wrong a like Damon's character on the show but I'am not going to give him any excuses or a pass on his past actions on how he treated people. For Elena to ever be with Damon and for her friends to ever except them together.


I'am so outraged at some of these posts I'm seeing and if you are all women posting these posts! Shame on you! Let's get one thing straight Damon was not a good vampire in the 1st half of season one. He was very bad and played the part very well. He didn't care about who he killed or fed on. Damon may not need to compel women to have sex with him. But once he reveals that he's a vampire. Then he does need to compel them. He may not of forced Caroline to have sex with him the first time. But after he showed her who he was and fed on her. She tried to escape in the next episode by sneaking out. He caught her and fed on her again. Damon compelled her not be afraid of him so she would stay. So he continued to have sex with her, feed on her and abused her. Don't tell me you forgot the bathroom scene were Elena found all the bruises and bite marks on her body. Now do you think Caroline would of stayed with Damon if he didn't compel her? That's a big no!...... next post


As someone who has gone through rape, I'm disgusted at some of you. Trying to say anything on this pg 13 show is anything close to rape. Character assassinate all you want but don't make sh*t up for your own stupid gain.


The secret will be that Stefan only spared Klaus to save Damon and Damon's outlook will be changed and he'll feel guilty about him and Elena and probably reject her advances.


caroline invited damon to her room and let him undress her, he did wrong things like making her do his dirty work and use her for blood, but he didnt compell her to sleep with him and aside from the first time they never were showed having sex or even sleeping together, and andie wasnt compelled to get into his hotub she did it and she knew that will eventualy led to sex!!! he abused them and all but he never raped them or compelled them for sex. BORED NOW nobody here likes your attitude please, and sorry for my language but i had enough of you, just GET THE FUCK OFF BECAUSE NOBODY HERE CARES ABOUT ANY OF THE SHIT YOU HAVE TO SAY!!!!


I agree with VD. You all have to remember, Damon is a VAMPIRE. They don't exactly live by the same code as us mere humans. Damon is such a complex character and is always trying to balance his evilness with goodness. That's what makes his character so great. Stop trying to ruin him, this show, and its other characters.


Rape? Really people? Y'all are blowing that way out of proportion. Damon didn't compell any girls to have sex with him. They did that all in their own...I mean he's sexy c'mon. He did take advantage of Caroline and compell her to do a lot of his dirty work but saying he raped her. Chill out. They didn't ever reference Caroline and Damon ever even having sex after the first time. Damon's done a lot of bad but rape is going a little far everyone. @borednow...shame on you for even bringing up the subject. And I agree with seem to just be saying crap to provoke people. Find something else to do with your time besides trying to ruin a show that many of us still very much enjoy.


To be honest what damon did to both caroline and andie was like a rape,since he's forcing them,and through all of these he's never apologize to caroline for what he did to her and if not for her,sheriff forbes would have killed him and stefan by now.Remember how she saved them in "kill or be killed"

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I have to laught at the comments who try to JUSTIFY Damon's actions. Now you might like character and his actions. Thats okay.There are a lot of masochists in the world. But no one can deny that what Damon did was to rape and abuse both Caroline and Jenna's friend for weeks for pure fun. Show ignores it, but it does not change the fact that it happened.


I bet that the secret that is revealed is revealed by Elena. I'd love it if the secret revealed was that she loves Damon, but I think it'll be a one up on Klaus.

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