The Vampire Diaries to Welcome a New Gilbert: Who is Samantha?

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Forget the details. The devil will soon be in Mystic Falls.

According to E! News, just as one Gilbert is leaving town - Jeremy, of course, who this Vampire Diaries clip proves will at least show up in "Our Town" - another is scheduled to arrive.

A series source says Samantha Gilbert will stop by in the near future, describing the character as kind and warm... but also in possession of a "devilish side." What might cause is to be unleashed? And who the heck is Samantha Gilbert? Both good questions. Let's tune in and find out, shall we?

Meanwhile, the same insider says Stefan will soon use Elena as his "ultimate weapon" in his fight against Klaus.

What might that mean? Based on the promo above, which makes it clear Thursday's episode will center on the battle between these two enemies, we may find out in just a couple days.

UPDATE: Julie Plec says we will not meet Samantha in the present day. She'll show up via flashback.


I am hkoeod on the TV series, I have yet to read the books, but I am told the books are 100 times better and the series differs a little bit, would sure love to read the books!


I'd make a great Samantha.........assuming she's Elena's "adopted" mother!


really want klaus and caroline to hook up nd i feel elena is gonna b confused abt damon and stefan


@master.milkmilk What Klaus did to Stefan doesn't just go away. He took away everyone Stefan has ever had. As Stefan said, he felt he lost Elena the moment he left with Klaus. You can't just make that all go away, Klaus left permanent damage on Stefan. Revenge is part of human nature, and apparently vampire nature too, it's natural for Stefan to want it. It's like if someone stabbed you, held you in a dungeon, waited for your wounds to somewhat heal, then let you go. Would you be all, "yay I got my freedom?". I guess if you're a very good person, yes, but most people would want revenge.


Okay so i have a silly question.. why IS Stefan so determined to destroy Klaus? is it because of Damon? according to everything Stefan has said up until now - this AWESOME vampire he is now is the one he was always meant to be.. that now he's free to be himself.. and Klaus gave him that.. so why does he want to kill him so bad? i've been closely watching the show and i cant come up with a good answer to that, so i was wondering if some of you can help|?

David and sabrina 2014

It's surprising to see that Bonnie's mother is coming, but now that Jeremy is leaving town, another Gilbert will approach. I may have no idea who this Samantha girl is but she'll be more mysterious to find out what events will come up to her setting foot in Mystic Falls. There are so many new mysteries that I'm determined to find out. I wonder how Stefan will use Elena as her weapon even though she doesn't like the way he acts. I just hope that after he gets what he wants, he can reunite with Elena again and forget that all this trouble ever happened. I wonder if things will get better by later on in the season. =O =P =( ;)


OMFG PLEASE GIVE ME KLAROLINE!!! PLEASE!!! Klaus and Caroline would be amazing, considering Forwood is presumably 'rocky' perhaps this will cause some tension and pure entertainment!


one of the bodies that are daggered up in a coffin(the large one) i think its the mother of klaus!hehehe


Ugh ... I scoff at the idea of klaus having a potential love interest.That would instantly kill any kind of badassdom he has built up throughout the show,and cheapen his character for this viewer.Besides real villians dont have a love interest ie Michael myers,Darth Vader,The klowns from killer klowns from outter space !! .....


What i think is that one of the bodies that are daggered up in a coffin(the large one) could have Klaus' first love. And i think that his love might have to do with the "Dopplegangers" theory. may be Elena and Katherine are the dopplegangers of the girl that klaus loved?:o I don't know, this all is just a wild guess. :P

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