The Vampire Diaries Video: A Tribute to Stelena

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This is only fair.

Two days after posting a tribute video in honor of Damon and Elena, we now present a nod to Elena and that other Salvatore brother, Stefan, courtesy of a TV Fanatic reader and Vampire Diaries lover.

Give it a look and give props to the individual who created it, whether or not you're a member of Team Stelena:

Calling all Forwood fans: you're next! Send any and all tribute videos to and let's show some love for all the show's couples, shall we? Past, present and future...

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David and sabrina 2014

I always love info on seeing things of Stelena but this Delena takeover has gone too far. Delena fans may be all in a happy mood, but this show doesn't always have to be talking about Damon. Of course everybody knows that this show started with Stefan and his memories. That's the reason why they called this show The Vampire Diaries because Stefan is the true storyteller. I mostly want Klaus to be dead already cause he is interfering with separating Stefan away from Elena and bringing her closer to Damon. I love Stefan and Elena's love story and the show was brought more to life with their turning point. 3) Not only did this moment change their lives, but it changed the ways of making this show more epic. @Amie: I definitely agree with what you say and I just found you as my next Stelena fan friend. No matter how many obstacles came and go, Stefan and Elena will always remain together forever. There may be problems throughout time, but love is the key to conquering all. =) =D 3)


God he is too beautiful at 0:43. And to the fellow Stelena shippers; just ignore the Delena people. They conveniently forget about Damon snapping Jeremy's neck and all of the other myriad of reasons as to why he's not good for her. Oh and @pupsman: Step away from the keyboard. The minute I read 'Stephen' instead of 'Stefan' and your substitution of 'd' for 'the', I couldn't continue.


@pupsman: wow. Where does one begin? So its really Stephens Diaries? Hmm. Apparently your the only one who got the memo. Were all just pawns in your very enlightened game. I'm so happy you've now set us all straight. Lol. Please graduate from middle school and get back to us.


Can u guys just stop dis delena shit.dis whole story is about stephen and will always be about him precise have people forgotten dat stephen is d one narrating is story is dat not why it was titled vampire fucking guys should try and go get d pilot n watch it again and stop let d writers n produces keep on fuckin wit ur stupid minds dey are trying to keep d fans of defucklena on d show.stop hope for something dat won't last forever it will always be stephen cos he is d real man not some guy who molest n compele girls to like him(caroline and arndy)

Avatar This is just a tribute to TVD and not specific STELENA or DELENA..
Great stuff


@Amie but you just kno its regards to your last point. The wheels are already in motion ;)


@Amber, lol, you are hungry!
@RosalovesDamon, Elena was much more stronger back in that episode when Damon tried to kiss her and she said "It will always be Stefan". You can't really compare it to the episode where Damon kissed her the 2nd time and she just stood there not really doing anything about it... because she went through a lot in that evening: Stefan was a total ass to her and Damon was the savior again. After such an evening, she needed a hug, Damon being the gentleman he is, gave her a kiss. Anyway, I agree with you on the last point, she should definitively not run back to Stefan any time soon because 1. after being such a jerk to her, Stefan needs to fight for her again. 2. running into Damon's arms right now is like "just because Stefan is out of my life, so I'll settle for you" is not fair to Damon. That is why I am saying I want to see more input from Elena to believe that Delena is a real deal. Until then, it will always be Stefan :)


I just don't "feel" them, they are kinda an afterthought in my mind. Good clip but they can't compare to her and Damon, just my opinion. Its like a tuna sandwhich versus all you can eat crab etc. One is ok but doesn't fill you up, the other takes your breathe away and lasts. You can't stop thinkin bout that lobsters feast. Lol can you tell I'm starving?!


come on even the oldest vampire in the history of time can feel the incredible amount of love,connection and passion between stefan and elena "Now this is fascinating I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE,the only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl" "stefan will never dream of killing her" "crazy or not that kind of love never dies" .He even told rebecca about their love for each other which is even why she asked stefan "do you think you will ever love anyone like you love that girl" I really feel this couple and i still believe in them.


n'aw, cute video,nice editing, bad shipping, to be honest im more of a damon fan then a delena fan, but damon is just so inlove with elena, and she obviously feels something for him too, but if they do get together, stelena fans will send more creepy death threats to the I cant imagine them getting together so soon,


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You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.


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