True Blood Season 5 Preview: A Royal Return

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It was rather clear when Eric and Bill chose to bury him instead of kill him.

And it was even more clear when Denis O'Hare came out and said he'd be back for season five.

But HBO has now pretty much confirmed the return of Russell Edgington in its first official True Blood promo for the summer ahead, teasing how "nothing stays buried forever" in Bon Temps. The spot was released last night, prior to the series premiere of Luck.

Watch now and decide: Are you excited for thie royal return?

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Pleeese...not Russell again. Though he was deliciosly creepy and evil..he needs to stay buried in cement!


I'm very intrigued about everything!! Steve newlin a vampire hahaha that's gotta be fun, and Tara how is she gonna live? I know she is still part of the cast.
I think the thing of the faes are kind of boring really sookie's powers need to evolve...


Very excited for the coming season... the preview sucks tough.. Hope they will a proper one soon ! :-)


Lame tease from HBO :( We already knew this!!


Aah I can't wait for true blood to return already..I'm so excited!! Btw I luv russell edgington he's so fun

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