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True Blood is scarcely underway with season four - how great was this week's episode?!? - but we already have some major casting news regarding season five:

Denis O'Hare will reprise the role of Russell Edgington.

Russell Edgington Pic

Bill and Eric made the decision to bury the former King of Mississippi last summer, of course, rather than actually kill him. Rumors of his return have run rampant ever since and O'Hare confirmed in an interview with Film School Rejects that Alan Ball has chosen to delay it until early next season.

"They were definitely bringing me back, it was just a matter of if they wanted to bring me back the last couple episodes [of season four] or bring me back at the beginning [of season five]," the
actor said."

He added that there's "no limit" to Edgington's actions and that "I love that Russell has this intense passion for life; literally a passion for living and a passion for life."

Are you excited for his return?

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i will lik to watch season five of the firm.


i like that


love true blood!!!

Uncle jackass

I always thought that it was strange that Russell Edgington's (Denis O'Hare) reality check on life seem so polar opposite of Eric's maker (Godric). Despite being 1000 years Godric's senior, it almost seems like that he retained his child like nature. Will he have learnt anything in his time in the concrete dirt? I don't think so... So I wonder who he will wreak havoc upon? Eric or Bill? Is it Sookie?


I'm scared to see him(Russel) return for Eric. Bill he can have, but leave Eric alone! LOL I think sookie's powers will come in handy. I like the actor that plays russel he has the southern accent down pack and his acting is great that cry/scream he gave when Eric killed Talbot I could feek the pain. That's good acting. Season 5 us going to another season to remeber with Russel coming back, YAY!!....Still scared for Eric though. LOL

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