Vampire Diaries Round Table: Who is in the Coffin?

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The Vampire Diaries is taking this week off. But instead of crying (too hard) over that fact, the TV Fanatic staff is using it as an opportunity to stop and analyze the most pressing question currently hanging over the series:

Who, or what, is inside the mysterious fourth coffin?

That's the one question we posted to various writers in this special edition of the The Vampire Diaries Round Table. Read their responses now and then chime in with your own...

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Carissa Pavlica: I'll shoot for the Originals' supposedly dead mother.

Christina Tran: The Original Petrova Doppelganger! How epic would that be?!?

Matt Richenthal: Castiel. Producers keep saying he's coming back in some form and... wait, this might be the wrong show.

Steve Marsi: Eric Hochberger's heart. It died when Klaus and Caroline became endgame.

Miranda Wicker: Ooh, I'm going with Mama Original. As much as I want to see Nina Dobrev play another role, I don't think that's happening. And LOL, Steve!

Leigh Raines: Oh crap these are all really good answers. What ever happened to the original witch? Could it be her?

Carla Day: My first two guesses have been mentioned, so I'm going to throw out a long shot: the locked coffin contains Klaus's first love.

Chandel Charles: I think that one of the original Bennett witches has to be in that coffin. It's just a matter of which one and why it's important. Maybe the witch who cast the first vampire spell?

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well has it ever occured that it could be Klaus'real dad.
The werewolf his mother had an affair with?


is it possible that it's Klauses son or daughter It's definitly family or The 1st doppelganger!


Maybe it's a thousand invitations to yet another founder's day event...


OK, this may be a stupid question, but I'm from Denmark so can someone tell me why they are skipping this weeks episode? I think it is the Original Petrova doppelganger who is locked up in the coffin! It would be epic...!


interesting theories all!! lol at Steve and YES KLAROLINE AREE ENDGAME!!! hehe sorry forwood fans. HAHA to castiel.. love that angel. My theories.. either Klaus' mother/witch or his brother Finn... or it's Henry's coffin?


Do you remember Bonnie's recurring nightmare? Klaus is in the coffin with the necklace that belonged to the original witch, and then Bonnie is in the coffin. This could suggest there is a witch in that coffin and the original witch to boot. Moreover Klaus keeps calling the whole pack of coffins his family so does that mean that there is a family member in there rather than the original doppelganger? doublemoreover, they just cast some blonde chick who looks like she could be the original witch right? casting is always a clue. Finally some people keep referring to the narrated stories of momma bear being killed by Klaus, or Klaus' father being killed by Michael. These are stories and more often than not lies. All things considered Im going with the OW, and i think its a bit dumb of Damon to say "but who's in that coffin?" the scriptwriters need to not underestimate us like this. I might tweet Ian Somerhalder with that point!


I Think it is "Mother Original, the original Wich". I Think she was spell bound to stay in the coffin, and noone knows that but Klaus. Also she is the only one who can KILL Klaus.


i wish it's a hotter brother of klaus meh this show is only good for eyecandy now better make sure i make use of it


It's probably going to be empty....the ultimate VD twist.


Ok so I think that the 4th coffin contains the love of klaus's life C'om in the 1000yrs of his life he never fell deeply in love after all he said himself that love is a vampires greatest weakness and I do believe that love is his!!! And as much as I like Caroline that would just not wk for me to be truthful I was hoping he would also fall for Elena.... Gotta love my Vamps & their drama!

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