Which White Collar Star is Headed to Glee?

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Forget stunt casting. This is closer to hunk casting.

TV Line confirms that White Collar star Matt Bomer is thisclose to finalizing a deal to appear on an April episode of Glee. In what capacity? The actor will reportedly come on board as... Blaine's older brother!

We can sort of see the resemblance:

Neal Caffrey Promo Pic
Blaine in Action

Before Bomer stops by, of course, there will be plenty for fans to Gleek out over, starting this Tuesday with a Michael Jackson tribute hour. Darris Criss will play a major role on the installment, leading an impressive cover of "Wanna Be Startin Something."

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Please don't tell me Matt Bomer is giving up White Collar. It is one of my favorite shows. I know that the season is nearly over but looking forward to next season.


*faints* *wakes up* *shrieks and bounces up and down* YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! At least, this had better be something to yay about because if it isn't, it could end very, very badly. I mean, if Daddy Anderson doesn't know about Klaine yet and Big Brother Anderson tells him, even if it isn't meant maliciously, it could end horribly. But Ryan wouldn't do that to us, would he?


I've heard him sing he's great. He and Darren look alot alike.


Their family gene is wonderful!!


Never heard of the man, but now rethinking my commitment to ditching the show after the MJ episode. That guy is kind of yummy (however if he's poorly written it won't be long before I take up my vow again and quit the show as intended). :P


Wow! I love me some Matt Bomer. I could totally see him playing Blaine's brother though, and if it gives him a chance to use his beautiful voice to sing then I'm definitely on board with that. I can imagine how thrilled he is with that opportunity.

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I'm gonna miss all of you. I love you guys.