Who Will Die on NCIS: Los Angeles?!

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Hope you're sitting down for this one.

The NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 finale in May will feature the demise of someone we know well.

Seriously, “Someone’s gonna die that we know well,” executive producer Shane Brennan said.

Gulp. The rest of his quote to TV Line about the upcoming arc teased that, “I’ve got the target, I’m just choosing which missile to fire. And there’s a character or two coming back to tie some things up.”

Kensi and Deeks Pic

Which missile to fire? This sounds like no joke. The question is who it hits.

As we've seen on both NCIS and NCIS: LA, which dispatched one of its core cast members in the first season, the characters serve the overall show, not the other way around. Brennan really will go there.

It's unclear if the victim will be a core cast member in this case, though. Someone "we know well" leaves the door open for it to be a (somewhat) extraneous, ancillary character (Lauren Hunter for example).

Peter Cambor's Nate, who was initially a series regular but quasi-left the show to partake in covert ops, is another good possibility. Still, it makes you wonder if there's a surprise much bigger than that in store.

Perhaps the most devastating loss would be Linda Hunt's Hetty Lange, who's cheated death a few times already this season. We really, really hope it's not true, but it certainly would rock the team to its core.

Who do you think dies in the NCIS: LA finale? Share your comments below.

In other NCIS: Los Angeles news, there is a major Kensi-centric double episode coming up titled “Blye, K.” That arc, Brennan says, goes to the very heart of why the character played by Daniela Ruah joined NCIS.

It also sets the stage for the NCIS: LA and Hawaii Five-O crossover during May sweeps. The show is looking for a late 40s actress to play the estranged mother of a female character ... gotta be Kensi, right?

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Sorry, Kensi has a birthmark in her eye.


The actress playing Kim has a birthmark in her eye.


Does anyone know what's wrong with Kensi's eye?


I agree Renko is small but to me at least the 1st body is small (ehight wise) and petite in size. But if someone died b/c of result of an explosion they could be cut in half . I say Nell, and either Renko, Eric or if main main and I hate saying this Sam. Good luck everyone on guesses and really enjoy the episode!!!:D And there could be a fake out or if main main cast member dies it could be b/c they are going deep undercover.


Jninn, HaHa! I hope they cancel the show! NCIS should be the only NCIS on TV! Zeva rules!!


I'll bet you that SAM is dead in the scene but its the old switcheroo which means that they make the chameleon think he's dead and the rest of the team and then he shows up at the end not dead. Just like every other time. And then the first couple shows next season are about Sam and Callen not talking because Callen feels like he should have been in on it.


Sam dies, so does the show for me. Love the cast but Callen and Sam together make the show. If so I am sure LL had something he needed to work on but ratings are going to drop and probably last season of the show, stupid move CBS.


Callin is interesting and the central character in all episodes. but they have tried to make Sam the center of attention. he's a rapper by trade. Chris O'Donnell is a seasoned actor and should be given more credit than he gets


I am pretty shure mike Reno dies and probably sam right? Mikes small and could be the first body and every one knows the second ones sam.


I kmow I have commented on who I think will die & who is under the sheets in the morgue at the end of the previews but something has bugged me when people said Sam. And its not a, omg it can't be him. I am the 1st to say previews are meant to deceive & they arent always in order shown. But if you watch the preview carefully (doing it w/o sound makes you look at it differently)... The part where Sam & Callen have their weapons trained on The Chameleon seems like a shot from the end. Unless The Chameleon has worker bees, how does he 'kill our people' as Callen puts it. I bet Callen is saying that with emotion not just b/c people were killed but that Granger & his SOB self is ticked off that he (Callen) or Sam shot The Chameleon (b/c he hit the little button on the device he has in his hand. I say that b/c it looks like a remote for a bomb. This is all speculation but I want to hear everyone's thoughts. And I do mean everyone.

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