Who Will Die on NCIS: Los Angeles?!

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Hope you're sitting down for this one.

The NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 finale in May will feature the demise of someone we know well.

Seriously, “Someone’s gonna die that we know well,” executive producer Shane Brennan said.

Gulp. The rest of his quote to TV Line about the upcoming arc teased that, “I’ve got the target, I’m just choosing which missile to fire. And there’s a character or two coming back to tie some things up.”

Kensi and Deeks Pic

Which missile to fire? This sounds like no joke. The question is who it hits.

As we've seen on both NCIS and NCIS: LA, which dispatched one of its core cast members in the first season, the characters serve the overall show, not the other way around. Brennan really will go there.

It's unclear if the victim will be a core cast member in this case, though. Someone "we know well" leaves the door open for it to be a (somewhat) extraneous, ancillary character (Lauren Hunter for example).

Peter Cambor's Nate, who was initially a series regular but quasi-left the show to partake in covert ops, is another good possibility. Still, it makes you wonder if there's a surprise much bigger than that in store.

Perhaps the most devastating loss would be Linda Hunt's Hetty Lange, who's cheated death a few times already this season. We really, really hope it's not true, but it certainly would rock the team to its core.

Who do you think dies in the NCIS: LA finale? Share your comments below.

In other NCIS: Los Angeles news, there is a major Kensi-centric double episode coming up titled “Blye, K.” That arc, Brennan says, goes to the very heart of why the character played by Daniela Ruah joined NCIS.

It also sets the stage for the NCIS: LA and Hawaii Five-O crossover during May sweeps. The show is looking for a late 40s actress to play the estranged mother of a female character ... gotta be Kensi, right?

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I've loved NCIS LA since the very first episode. Since the introduction of Deeks, the series has got even better. The dynamic between the various partnerships is key to what makes this show great and what gives it an identity distinct from that of the original NCIS. To remove one of the main constituents of these partnerships would greatly disrupt the perfect balance the show has. I hope beyond hope that neither Sam , Callen, Kensi , Deeks, Nell , Eric or Hetty are killed off as this would seriously damage the identity of the show. My vote would be for Hunter , Renko, Rose or even Arkady Love the show, please don't do anything that could undermine what makes it such a great watch.


Well, it was just basically confirmed by Shane Brennan that Nate will be back for more after this season. I seem to recall in an interview early this season that he said he had "long term plans" for Lauren Hunter. I'm starting to think it could be her. While we know Mike Renko, I'm not sure if we know him really well. I wish they'd bring him back. With all his LAPD contacts, I've always wondered if he knows Deeks. Maybe he could talk some sense into him and get him to sign those papers!


I don't want anyone to be killed off. They are all vital to the show..Just love Deeks and Callan.........


I've been watching NCIS:Los Angeles since it came on. I love the show. On the issue of someome dying, it shouldn't be Kensi, Deeks, G, Sam, or Hetty. Take any of them off and it ruins the show, especially for those, like me, who want to see Kensi and Deeks together. I like Nate. Maybe Lauren. An even better person is Granger. He's not well-liked.


please don't let anything happen to Sam, G, Deicks, or Heddy,or Kensiy, let it be that jerk the assistant director. These guys all work well together as a team.


Honestly I think it will be Deeks. Hes not a reall NCIS agent, hes still with LAPD. But maybe not. Honestly, I don't care as long as its not, Sam, Callen, or Kensi. Then I'll have issues. I'm really hopeing they'll bring back Nate. He was my favorite and the whole reason I really watched the show. But it seems like NCIS: LA is turning into CSI:Miami or even Criminal Minds where it kills of all the good characters.Way to ruin a great show. Just saying!

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

@Cote! Never thought of that! I have seen that on CSI Miami and when Emily came back on Criminal Minds!(and they even had a funeral and everything!)

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

Nooooo!!! I like them all! I sure hope it's not somebody in the very main 4 characters plus Heddi plus Eric or Nell! Besides them...maybe I wouldn't be as upset! Maybe Nate? We never see him that much but he is a regular!Or Leon; and then again... maybe Granger!!


I sure hope is not Kensi, but actually I like all of them. They have such a good team, I don't want any to go. Don't do to this show what you did to CIS, most of the originals are gone and the new people I don't like, even Elizabeth Shue. Now, I don't watch the show anymore.


Been rewatching season 1 on dvd and while watching, I realized there is someone no one has yet to bring up. If, and I do mean if we are to believe what we have been told b/c of things other posters have said (this doesnt mean you have lied. But you could just be repeating what TPTB want us to believe) Mike Renko could be said character that dies. It wouldn't be shocking nor that upsetting but they could have it as him and another main cast member about to be killed and bam gun shot goes off. And that made me think of something reallllly horrible. Does anyone know if we learn who said character that dies in the episode? Can we say cliff hanger? I love and hate those.

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