90210 Review: Karmageddon!

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Was it me or was "Trust, Truth and Traffic" one of the lamest 90210 episodes ever? If it hadn't been for the Adrianna/Silver reconciliation scene in the park, I would've changed the channel from the moment old hooker Bree re-entered the picture. And most definitely after seeing Ivy wearing that damn idiot hat again.

Ivy got an interview with Nick's old squeeze, who owned a fancy gallery and promptly got dissed. What perplexed me was the fact that all of a sudden Ivy was a photographer. When did that happen? She doinked a photographer and that automatically made her one as well? Oh please. As much as I hated Ivy as a surfer chick, at least that was slightly more believable than her becoming the next Annie Liebovitz.

Liam and Vanessa

Elsewhere, Liam asked for Naomi's event planning assistance in re-launching Offshore. It looked like Vanessa started milking Liam for all he was worth, what with her buying pricey beer and AbMan cutouts to decorate the bar. But all she was doing was proving her undying love for him. Yawn. I loved the scathing, elevator glance Naomi gave Vanessa upon first meeting her. And, of course, Offshore's relaunch was a raging success.

By the way, Naomi and Hal? Shades of Naomi and Max all over again. Been there, done that. Worked the first time. Lightning did not strike twice. Although Naomi's bar trick WAS pretty impressive.

After Silver got livid over Navid telling Adrianna about Silver's connection to Greg, they reminisced about their past relationship with Adrianna. I must admit that letter Adrianna had written to Maizy was heartbreaking. The whole "two hearts inside me" part made my eyes well up. And we all knew Adrianna hadn't really kidnapped Maizy.

But Greg breaking up with Silver because he didn't trust her? Really?!? He couldn't have Silver in his daughter's life? Umm... .he'd known Silver for about a week. And she's 18. Get a clue, dude. Good riddance.

Meanwhile, Dixon and Austin sweated it out over the sorority house, while Annie sweated it out about having to reveal her past escort escapades. While I knew Bree would stir the pot when she stayed with Dixon and Austin, she did have a point when she rationalized why she did what she did to Annie.

Poor Annie. Wanting to finally do the right thing she told Austin about being an escort. And surprise, surprise, good old boy Austin was actually a good old boy and took the fall for the fire. Good way to write him off the show. Just as I was starting to get used to him, too.

Hopefully the writers will turn up the volume in next week's installment, however, because, like the real Armageddon, this episode blew up all over the place and left nothing but desperation in its path.


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What's the song when adrianna and silver make up?


I think this show lacks of character developments. Take for example the scene between Annie and Silver. Silver knows Annie was an escort and she gave her 5 min to talk??? Seriously? Friendship?!I don't get it. Everything is rush, Liam first proposed to Annie,then slept with his faked-dead friend's wife, and he was madly in love and then Annie again,but wait because now there's another one!!!my head is spinning!oh, and Naomi as well, first Max,the love of her life,and now Austin,but after a questionable mistake,forget Austin as well. I know people have many different relationships, but please stop making them say that they are deeply in love, it's so unrealistic!
Ivy character could be way better than it is now, photographer ...please!!!


walsh and niaomis a little more like kelly taylor and they should have one couple who stays together and love eachother throughout everything like donna/david or chuck/blair instead everybody swaps spit like for example silvers been with ethan, navid and dixon and annies been with both niaomis guys liam and ethan ... everybody ends up together and its soo gross. this show is bogus


well and they should show niaomi and silver and annie living in an apartment together or something instead it shows niaomi having a huge house with everybody living in it with no expense how unrealistic is that atleast the old beverly hills 90210 was a little more realistic, they should change up how niaomi has a lot of money and actually give her a career and same with silver and annie . ivy is beyond the woooorst character in the series and she has the stupidest style and her husband raj and boyfriend nick is stupid storyline as well, they dragged on navids uncle storyline too long it was stupid afterwards and annies hooker story line? come on think of something a little more creative. they should make annies character more like brenda


90210 was great during the first season i loved it and ethan was one of my favorite characters same with liam but ever since season 3 it has really bad stupid story lines... gossip girl has decent writers who always give us cliffhangers and its really dramatic and every episode is worth watching.i hate what theyve done to liams character he used to be the bad boy like dylan mckay with a good storyline and a total jerk.. him and niaomi had a lot of chemistry but now they give him tacky girlfriends and stupid bar with a modeling contract ? how stupid is that annie has realy stupid story lines as


HOW is it that Annie gets away with EVERYTHING? She kills a guy with her car (ironic that she's all judgmental about Vanessa almost doing the same to Liam) and she gets away with it. Then Austin takes the fall for her with jailtime?! WHO DOES THAT?! She is the most selfish, annoying, awful character on the planet. Liam/Naomi was AWESOME. How the writers can throw away good chemistry like that is completely and totally beyond me. Silver is now just a horrid, judgmental, hypocritical, selfish loser. I'm glad Greg is gone and that Ade/Silver are friends again but I haven't bought the entire Campaign Retribution!Adrianna either so they both deserve each other. Best thing about this episode was Liam/Naomi. In the same way that they shoved the gruesome, nauseating, boring Lannie down our throats around this time in season 2, I hope L/N's scene together was a developmental tool for their reunion this season. It's about time, writers!


I'm just really upset that they played the Adriana baby storyline so quick out I wished they spanned it over more episodes and I wished that ade wud gain custody of her child bcoz she really loves her but she thinks she's not good enough to raise her which is so so so sad and I wanted maisy to stay bcoz she's so darn cute. I really hope they bring maisy back in the near future hopefully!!! I will really be upset if in the next episode ade,silver and navid act like nothing happened in the previous episode I want ade to be sad and depressed!90210 writers build up such good storylines but almost always end it crap


I hate Greg so fudging much. How dare he talk to the woman who gave him the best gift a person could ever give someone, besides a Ferrari. While what Adrianna may have crossed the boundaries, Greg should be begging on the floor thanking her instead of the other way around.


who is an actor that makes Hal?


What was the point of Austin they never really developed his character and now he is gone. There are less and less characters on the show and very few storylines.

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