90210 Review: Karmageddon!

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Was it me or was "Trust, Truth and Traffic" one of the lamest 90210 episodes ever? If it hadn't been for the Adrianna/Silver reconciliation scene in the park, I would've changed the channel from the moment old hooker Bree re-entered the picture. And most definitely after seeing Ivy wearing that damn idiot hat again.

Ivy got an interview with Nick's old squeeze, who owned a fancy gallery and promptly got dissed. What perplexed me was the fact that all of a sudden Ivy was a photographer. When did that happen? She doinked a photographer and that automatically made her one as well? Oh please. As much as I hated Ivy as a surfer chick, at least that was slightly more believable than her becoming the next Annie Liebovitz.

Liam and Vanessa

Elsewhere, Liam asked for Naomi's event planning assistance in re-launching Offshore. It looked like Vanessa started milking Liam for all he was worth, what with her buying pricey beer and AbMan cutouts to decorate the bar. But all she was doing was proving her undying love for him. Yawn. I loved the scathing, elevator glance Naomi gave Vanessa upon first meeting her. And, of course, Offshore's relaunch was a raging success.

By the way, Naomi and Hal? Shades of Naomi and Max all over again. Been there, done that. Worked the first time. Lightning did not strike twice. Although Naomi's bar trick WAS pretty impressive.

After Silver got livid over Navid telling Adrianna about Silver's connection to Greg, they reminisced about their past relationship with Adrianna. I must admit that letter Adrianna had written to Maizy was heartbreaking. The whole "two hearts inside me" part made my eyes well up. And we all knew Adrianna hadn't really kidnapped Maizy.

But Greg breaking up with Silver because he didn't trust her? Really?!? He couldn't have Silver in his daughter's life? Umm... .he'd known Silver for about a week. And she's 18. Get a clue, dude. Good riddance.

Meanwhile, Dixon and Austin sweated it out over the sorority house, while Annie sweated it out about having to reveal her past escort escapades. While I knew Bree would stir the pot when she stayed with Dixon and Austin, she did have a point when she rationalized why she did what she did to Annie.

Poor Annie. Wanting to finally do the right thing she told Austin about being an escort. And surprise, surprise, good old boy Austin was actually a good old boy and took the fall for the fire. Good way to write him off the show. Just as I was starting to get used to him, too.

Hopefully the writers will turn up the volume in next week's installment, however, because, like the real Armageddon, this episode blew up all over the place and left nothing but desperation in its path.


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the one plot hole that stuck out like a sore thumb was when Dixon wanted to beat up Austin for framing him and than when Austin ADMITS (which was a lie) that he started the fire and everything, suddenly Dixon didn't want to beat him up anymore!?!? WTF? Was I the only one who noticed this?


FINALLY Austin is gone!!! :D and I'm glad he left the show the way he did cause he left on a good note! I doubt Naomi and Hal would happen! I like how she's not revolving her life around boys now! :) What's with all the Ivy hate? She's the most real character out of all of them and she acts COMPLETELY different from everyone else! I love her black sheep-ness and her awkward moments when she says things that no one else understands!


@What?: Austin told Dixon that he went back AFTERWARDS. Therefore explaining that once Dixon and he had left, he went back and lit it himself later on. Make sense to me.


FINALLY Austin is gone!!! :D and I'm glad he left the show the way he did cause he left on a good note! I doubt Naomi and Hal would happen! I like how she's not revolving her life around boys now! :)


I did like this episode.
When I saw Liam and Naomi together I was sooo longing for a spark, even a tiny one would have been enough, but no! Liam keeps on doing the Vampire. Urgh. I want Liam and Naomi again. But Naomi as power girl is funny to watch and quite enjoyable. Go Naomi!
What I love about 90210 that it has still a bit of realism. The girls talking about classes and college shows you, that the writers did not forget about the college part (unlike gossip girl where everybody suddenly gets a perfect job without finishing college).
I like Bree, she always brings fun!
And I loved the Austin and Dixon bonding, we see way to less friendship between the guys this season. Remember last season? Good times.
And will they really write Austin out of the show? No Austin and Naomi anymore?
I dont like Annie. She always gets away with EVERYTHING! grrrr
Oh and yeah there is Ivy. I knew that she was making pictures, at least she took Nick's class right? p.s. Bring Ethan back!


glad he's gone..


SO yawn worthy, after watching it all I could think was I waited a week for this?! And i'm so annoyed to see Austin go! I really liked his character! I'm so bored of recycled storylines and drama for the same old boring cast. The show could use some new permanent characters.


So austin finally strts fitting in and then you get rid. enjoyed him and dixons scenes. no homo. ivy sucks get rid of her trying to make this show some new one tree hill everyone has a creative art. hows about they just go college and just get a damn normal job. naomi is so whack her as some college girl sucks ass shes such a cliche. annie my word dead wood dot com just put silver and dixon back together sick of these wooden relationships i thought liam and annie were soulmates. lululul


I'm from South Africa so I haven't watched this episode yet but I really hope that episode is the last ones maisy's in! There's been so much hype around this story line it wud b stupid if they just killed so quick. I wud really like ade to try and win her baby back, I think she's mature now and wud b a really gud mom!


I can not believe that Greg would dump Silver. Yes Greg is Maisy's dad and he wants to protect her but he must not really have loved Silver if he was not willing to forgive her. But I guess the whole purpose if him on the show was to get Ade and Silver back together which I really did enjoy

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