America's Next Top Model British Invasion: First Promo Pic

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America's Next Top Model premieres a new cycle on February 29. A new international cycle, that is.

As previously announced, the CW competition will take seven young women from America and pit them this season against seven contestants from Britain's Top Model, as teased in the following network press release and photo:

America's Next Top Model Promo Pic

"This cycle will feature a variety of seasoned women from across the pond that will do whatever it takes to make it as a model in America," says The CW. "They will compete against not only each other but a group of aspiring American models. Emotions run high, the women are divided and the competition is intense as they vie for the grand prize."

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I was excited to see the new show , right up till the moment I realized that, they were using models from england , this is Americas next top Model , not England's and it really bothers me that they are using girls they have modeled professionally to compete with girls who haven't . If I'm mistaken, please correct me. But one of the biggest draws about top model is that it allows girls who haven't done this to be discovered .


Please review this show!!!


No reviews this season?

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