Awake Series Premiere: Watch Now!

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Awake is coming to NBC.

On March 1, this critically-acclaimed series (I've seen the pilot, it's terrific; episodes two through four are sitting next to me as I type) debuts on a network desperately in need of a hit, and may have found it in this Kyle Killen-created drama.

Awake Poster

Starring Jason Isaacs, Awake features a homicide detective who wakes up from a car accident and finds himself in two realities: in one, his wife is dead; in the other, his son is dead. His work partners are also different in each reality.

Sound confusing? It can be. Intriguing? It is.

NBC has released the pilot online and we've embedded it below. Sit back, watch now and share your thoughts:

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i watched the show last nite and then again on the computer. I can't understand it any better, but watching it again was much better. I seen things that I didn't see last night. So glad I did watch it agaIN. I will certainly watch it all the time. I don't know if I want the son to be alive or the wife. Hard to decide. thanks for yet another good show.

Tracy lloyd micks heiba

Just watched the premiere! WOW! Very good show! What an amazing concept for a T.V. series! I can't tell which is his "real" side rather than the 'dream' side!! Whether it's the one with his wife and Dr. Lee or the one with his son and Dr. Evans! and then on top of it all are the crimes that he seems to know info about before he really should! Intriguing for sure!


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Awake Quotes

Trust me, when it comes to letting one of them go I have no desire to ever make progress.


Hannah: Are you gonna see him tonight?
Britten: Yeah.
Hannah: Tell him I love him.
Britten: I will.