Awake Review: Perilous Positions

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All realities collided in "Two Birds" - and things aren’t looking so good for Britten.

Britten's Is a Target

While I thought the conspiracy might be contained in the red reality, it’s looking more and more likely that may not be the case, and it shouldn’t be. The repercussions of the accident ripple out in both realities, and they both have lasting consequences on Britten because of it. Therefore, it then becomes a question of who can Britten trust, because he can’t involve his family, and both Dr. Lee and Dr. Evans refused to believe his predicament.

It’s hard not to blame them. Britten looks like someone who’s finally experienced a mental break. Jason Isaacs portrayed it physically as well. Many times a character that suffers a mental break still looks completely put together. Michael, on the other hand, isn’t clean-shaven and doesn’t look like he’s slept in days. Which would make sense because if he's sleeping he's potentially not in green, and that means he can't focus all of his energy on that conspiracy board in the garage.

Getting back to trust, since both doctors refused to help Britten, and, as I predicted last week, since the two of them refused to participate in the conspiracy things did get worse. Which makes Britten such a tragic character tonight. He’s so focused on this conspiracy and the why behind the accident that he’s losing sight of his realities. He’s put himself in peril on both sides, hovering near death on Red, and locked away for potential murder in Green.

Simply put, Britten’s put himself in a corner, Bird now has a target on his back (while the other is target practice – Rest in Peace Red Bird), and he’s one step away from his son and wife losing everything.

Harper continues to be an enigma, however, and just when it seems she might be interested in helping Britten she retreats back to covering her tracks. There’s a big, unknown grey area to her. In one scene she’s breaking down crying by herself, and in the next she’s grilling Vega (who finally grew a backbone and defended his partner!). It does open up a dichotomy though, as it seems in Green she’s at least somewhat interested in hearing Britten out. It might all be a clever ruse to learn what exactly he has so she can cover up her tracks, or it could another one of Awake’s underlying themes of small differences.

Real Reality Check

With so much going on tonight, it’s very hard to pick which side is real. With the conspiracy now bleeding over to Green, it’s even harder to choose. However, I’m choosing Green again only because Britten getting shot sent him back there.

Two More Thoughts

  1. As predicted, NBC has cancelled Awake. I’m certainly going to miss this world every Thursday, and I wish the cast and crew all the best in their future projects.
  2. Awake works so much better when there’s one unifying case. It’s too bad it took this long for the show to try that instead of constantly trying to juggle two different ones.

What did you think of tonight's Awake?


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Wow. It's really been quite a ride leading up to the season finale, and I know "Awake" won't disappoint us. After tonight's finale, I will never watch NBC again, that's for sure. I can't imagine I'm the only one in that regard. IF I had to choose which reality is real, I would have to also go with the green one. But I just am thinking there's got to be more to it than that. I mean, think about it...Britten being in a coma or dead (or something else - in between?) makes the most sense logically. For the sake of mercy and sanity, I would just hope that neither reality is real for this man, because how can one choose between not just one but two nightmarish worlds? How sad will it be to find that one is not real, but the other is not a world he would have chosen to live in anyway? But, if I'm right, how sad would it also be that he belongs to neither world, or to no world at all? Does Britten even exist? Or is this some manufactured terror we've been thrown into with him?


Does anyone remember Dr. Lee interacting with anyone besides Britten? Even in the episode where Britten was held hostage by the patient and Dr. Lee went to the hospital, he only interacted with Britten I believe. Of all the characters, he is the only one who has never interacted with anyone else. Thus, my money is on the Green reality.


Good on you, Vega! I hope we find out which reality is real in the finale.


(continued from last comment) needs to take a beating next week. oh well awake. this is the best show on right now besides breaking bad. Oh well. this is one of the best shows ever. up there with breaking bad, boomtown, the wire,dexter, malcolm in the middle, trailer park boys, king of the hill, and some more i cant think of right now.


Still one more left at least. this one wasnt as good as last weeks, but what could be. last weeks was so amazing. Oh well. its weird, when they first introduced the conspiracy element i was like "NO! NO! NO! It doesnt need that" but they just didnt bring it up for a w hile. and then when they did it didnt seem to get in the way. and now im actually enjoying that aspect of it. Figures it got cancelled. This show didnt have any sex or sexual tension storyline. Frankly im tired of that kind of crap in shows anyway. Seen it a million times, dont really care about it. anyway, i though they might kill off bird cause at least hes still alive in the other reality, but then i thought "nah they're not gonna do that" but then they did. I'm glad they were willing to cause its interesting hwo it played throughout the resat of this episode, probably will affect next week, and might have affected season 2 maybe. so im glad they were willing to, but im sad for bird. he did not deserve that. Hawkins needs to take a beating next week. sad this show is the best show on tv right now, besides breaking bad. oh well, we'll miss you awake, one of the best shows ever. up there with breaking bad, boomtown, the wire,Dexter, malcolm in the middle, trailer park boys, king of the hill and some more that i cant think of right at this moment.


Love this show, and hoping for closure next week. I feel like this show would have fallen apart over the course of two seasons, what with such a very very specific and strenuous premise. I feel like, if NBC decided to do this every year, make a new concept drama, (the cape was one..) they might earn my respect.

Ronald simkins

Unfortunately it didn't do well in the "coveted" demographics of unemployed 14 -30 year old meth heads and alky's who apparently control the whole economy of the US.


It should not comes as a surprise to anyone that "Awake" has not been renewed. Killen is best known for developing tv shows that are quickly cancelled. NBC actually cancelled "Awake" before it was even aired. All 13 episodes were filmed more than a year before the pilot even aired. NBC did not plan to broadcast any of this series, then later decided to use the 13 episodes as mid-season replacement. The "Awake" series concept is interesting and Jason Isaacs is an amazing and talented actor. However, the writing is often weak, the plots move too slowly and most of the other characters are unlikable. Overall, ratings have been way too low to justify renewal. Poor ratings mean low ad revenues for the network and this is why low-rated shows get cancelled. So, unfortunate -- but predictable.

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