Blue Bloods Review: The Spirit Of the Law

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Blue Bloods gave us several very different looks at "Parenthood" this week, as one man gave up his future for his son while another father couldn't be bothered to reschedule lunch for his daughter.

How could anyone not feel for the Ortiz family? They worked hard but were struggling to get by when a couple of idiots decided the immigrant family were easy marks. 

Their home was invaded, they were robbed at gun point and beaten. I could understand the desire to find a gun and hunt down the people who did that to my family. Unfortunately for Mr. Ortiz, the law saw it differently. 

That the real culprit was the son and not the father was a twist that surprised me, although I suppose it shouldn't have. The son was furious and most parents would be willing to do almost anything to protect their child. 

Frank at Home

Most parents, but not all. 

Nicky was torturing her mother with her surly teen phase leaving Erin feeling like she couldn't get anything right in her daughter's eyes. What Erin didn't know was that Nicky was actually lashing out because her Dad had rejected her once again.

When Dad couldn't make the time to see Nicky for take your daughter to work day or any thing else for that matter, the teen took it out on her mom. Why? Because mom was there.

I liked that Frank stepped up here. He could see how difficult being a single parent was for Erin and he tried to help where he could. Frank didn't chastise Nicky for her outburst but let the teen talk and then tried to show her things from Erin's side. And he had the good sense to tell Erin what was really going on with Nicky even though he had promised he wouldn't. There are simply some things a parent needs to know.

Finally there was the story of the Mayor's daughter. Ariel was arrested for assaulting a police officer during a college protest over tuition hikes.  I could see both sides of this debate.  The protest got out of hand and the teen had reacted without thinking it through. 

Should she pay for her actions? Absolutely, but I agreed with reducing the charges to a misdemeanor.  A felony conviction would follow the 18-year old around for the rest of her life. From what we were told, no one was seriously injured but if someone had gotten hurt by her actions then I think she would have had to face those consequences.  In this case,  kids got lucky.

I understood Ariel's mother doing everything she could to help her daughter. The Mayor was another matter. He'd stepped out of Ariel's life long ago. She was his daughter by blood but another man was her father.

I found it curious that the Mayor never told Frank about his connection to Ariel. He seemed to care about what happened to her but was he keeping the secret to protect her or himself?

In the end, the spirit of the law won out even if the spirit of every parent did not. Nicky's learned young that life isn't fair. Luckily she's gotten the gift of a very special grandfather to help ease the way.


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The more I see this new mayor, the more I like him. Like his predecessor, the man is political. But he isn't ruled by his politics, is he? The man has integrity too. I think he deliberately went out of his way not to seek special favours for his daughter - he kept that secret to himself. Just as he visited her at the site of her community service and continued to keep the information of their biological relationship secret. So good that Frank doesn't have to keep fighting with him.


very good show...I'm a fan of Frank Reagan Danny getting soft?


I liked this episode very much. I love the way the family always come together, whether agreeing or not. To have Frank step in and show both his daughter and granddaughter each others sides was perfect. As for the reduced charges on the protester, I agree with C. Orlando, it was fine that the charges were reduced since no one was hurt. But if she had injured an officer or someone who happened to be in the way, then all bets are off, and she should have the book thrown at her. So many times in real life, protesters throw things and injure police officers so they can yell "police brutality" when they defend themselves. I like the way this show considers both sides, but does not come down on one side or the other all the time.

Avatar was Nicky's report on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day that Frank read to his daughter, Erin. I cried, too. Nice job, Dad! This episode was great. All three storylines were done with compassion and still kept to the "spirit" of the law and not the "letter" of the law, especially on the illegals who won't now be in fear of reporting a crime to the authorities, and the student that may have ended a promising career in the heat of a student protest. Frank had some hard decisions to make, but the Regan family stepped up again and did was was legal and compromising. Frank's talk with Nicky opened up was was bothering this teen about her personal life and gave him better insight on how to convey to his daughter that there are issues she needs to know to bettter understand what Nicky is going through. Well, done, Dad! Even in mentoring the mayor w/o revealing he knew the secret of the student's paternity but about asking of his own non-existent


I have enjoyed the development of all of the characters on Blue Bloods, but none more than the father-daughter relationship between Frank and his daughter Erin. Tom Sellack does an exceptional job conveying that special bond, I know because I remember seeing the same look on my father's face. The scene at the bar....well, I cried right along with Erin. I thought it was a very engaging episode, one of the better ones of this season.


Re: the "Parenthood" Blue Bloods episode that aired on 2/17, which was top notch as all the Blue Bloods episodes are, I felt missed an opportunity to make an important point. I would have liked for Frank, when he was talking to Nicky about her absent and uninterested father, to say his unwillingness to see her said more about HIM than it did about her. Also, now Nicky may have a better understanding of why Erin is no longer married to her father. It was a very good episode, and the reading of the letter from his late wife to Erin at the end was very poignant and touching.

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