Candice Accola on Klaroline: It's Possible!

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Cover your eyes, Forwood fans. Candice Accola is about to deliver some horrifying news.

Speaking to E! on the set of The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta, the actress was asked about the chances that Caroline actually hooks up with Klaus, considering their deep conversation on "Our Town" and their upcoming slow dance (below) on this Thursday's "Dangerous Liaisons."

Klaus and Caroline

"I think there's definitely the possibility for a romantic relationship to happen between those two," the actress said, although Joseph Morgan was quick to disagree, adding:

"It's going to be a stretch for her to forgive him for everything that he's done."

Tyler, meanwhile, will remain MIA this week and beyond, as Accola confirms Caroline's dangerous ex "needs to work on himself" and "has decided to separate himself from the people that he loves so he doesn't hurt them anymore."

Watch the full interview with this beautiful star now and then sound off: Do you want to see Klaroline come to fruition?

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@Myra OMG me too!! I honestly think Caroline and Stefan are so perfect for each other!!! though i really want to see some Klaroline first!!!! :DDD Since i am a bigger Klaus fan than a Stefan fan lol @nina SAME HERE!!! i couldnt believe it when i saw the DAIR pictures!! i hope both DAIR and KLAROLINE will happen!!! @Uncle Jackass love the mentioning of book version Meredith! she was my favourite character and i was really sad when they didnt bring her to the show...and now with Dr.Fell...i dunno its just not the same character AT ALL!! :S @Chrus yes Klauroline will be EPIC!!!


I have a feeling that Caroline and Klaus together will be something to make me laugh rather than ship because if I were Caroline and suddenly this ripper dude has an interest in me, I would be like WTF?! No way would I ever be with such a murderer who has mommy and daddy issues. But that's me, Caroline will probably be shocked at first, than maybe intrigued as to why he wants her attention, so I am looking forward to seeding her react to Klaus's efforts...


I so hope they are the one that kiss and not stefan and elena!!!


Oh,God...I might ship this couple even harder than Delena... Them getting together might seem impossible now but it's obvious that both of them are complicated and multi-layered characters... Gradually they could discover in each other trates that connect them and thus create a strong bond...
I liked Caroline with Matt and i also liked her with Tyler, but i didn't think of them as epic...But Klaroline, given the chance, can be earth-shaking!


I would love to see him fall in love with her, the big bad devil in love... now that would be AWSOME!!! Klaus always laughs at Damon & Stefan for being in love. So lets see how he copes. It would make for an interasting story and give us something NEW.


Come on people! we need something diff in this show not just the same triangle over and over! Who cares about buffy! this is a different show. Id love to see the BIG BAD DEVIL KLAUS chase Caroline and fall in love with her. GO THE WRITERS!! FOR SPICING IT UP.


I'm loving Klaroline! I think it is an interesting twist. I have been a huge Klaus fan all season so this makes me happy that they are writing a storyline for him that has more to do then just being evil and villainous all the time.


I love Forwood but this would be very interesting to watch! Only if Caroline doesn't turn evil though...I can't imagine her forgiving Klaus for all he's done, but I could see Klaus totally falling for her & Caroline having mixed feelings.


I want Klaroline and we will get Klaroline. I am happy and I can't wait for thrusday's epic episode.


I was always more of a caroline/matt fan so I am indifferent as to who caroline should date now be it tyler or klaus..sexytimes ahead regardless lol


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