Castle Episode Promo: The Conclusion

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Has your heart stopped beating yet? Do you need a minute still?

Castle aired a pulse-pounding episode last night, introducing viewers to CIA Agent Sophia Turner (Jennifer Beals), along with a worldwide conspiracy. And the best part? It was only the opening hour?

Indeed, "Pandora" will conclude next Monday evening with "Linchpin," an outing that will find our favorite duo racing to prevent the first domino from collapsing in a chain of events that would lead to nation into war. Get your first look at the installment now and prepare to hold on...

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Re: Bringing up something obrcsue when meeting a star of film and/or screen Something I always wanted to do was to have Peter Davidson (the 5th guy to play The Doctor on Doctor Who) walk up and for me to go Hey! It's Campion! And he did actually walk up to a group of people I was standing with at a Doctor Who convention last year, and I almost did it. But it turns out that Campion isn't very obrcsue when you're at a Doctor Who convention and the magic was lost. I tried to think of something else obrcsue, but I didn't feel like telling him I was actually interested in parts of his liver because that might have been TOO obrcsue and I was thinking it would have come across as creepy.


Wow! Those two episodes were the best Castle of all! I liked it!! Jennifer Beals was without any doubt the best guess star of ever...She is so talented, I really like her into all that action, she was believable as always she knows how to slip into the skin of the "personnage"!!!


I am so looking forward to "Linchpin".


This show is so much fun! Thanks for writing about it!

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I guess the good thing about having your daughter at crime scenes is that she can bring you dry clothes.


Life is a journey