Gossip Girl Spoiler Pics: Major On-Set Kiss!

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Is Gossip Girl's favorite non-couple finally taking things to the next level?

Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester, a.k.a. Dan and Blair, were spotted filming a very public kiss on the set of the show in New York City this week. Looks like one way or another, there's a big Dair kiss coming!

Dair was certainly the focal point of Monday's episode (see our Gossip Girl review of "The Backup Dan") and next week's trailer hints at some big developments too (see the CW promo for "Crazy Cupid Love").

Of course, not everything is what it appears, and this could be but another dream sequence. What do you think? Do you think they'll kiss - and get together - for real, and do you want them to? Sound off below:

Dan and Blair Kiss!
Dair Kiss!

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And Dan is such a loathsome hypocrite! He's still as judge-y as ever, but his judging used to be somewhat justified since he was morally superior to most of the people on the show, or, at least, didn't actively plot against them. But now he's just as bad as Blair and Chuck were during their worst days. (Well, maybe not quite that bad, because that might actually make him interesting. Instead of being an awesome villain, he's just a boring shitty person.) The internal dynamics of the show have been so utterly fucked up that there's no way to restore them anymore. I guess there's always fanfic.


Now Chuck and Blair aren't scheming anymore, so nothing of interest ever happens on the show. They are completely passive characters. Chuck used to be a sexy, decadent, billionaire playboy, and now he just sits around drinking scotch and crying about Blair. Blair used to be a badass bitch with an agenda, and now she's just a limp dishrag of a girl who is crying on Dan's shoulder over how her pretty princess fairy tale didn't work out, or acting like a total nutcase who can't decide which man she's in love with.


The Dan/Blair romance is a case study in "how to fuck up a show that was once fun to watch." The show was awesome because there were binaries. Oppositions. Factions against factions. Chuck and Blair were in Manhattan, scheming like crazy. Meanwhile, Dan was off in Brooklyn being judgey. There was tension, because Blair and Chuck were endlessly plotting against each other or combining forces to plot against other people, and Dan was generally opposed to them and everything they did and only interacted with them when it was strictly necessary or in order to keep them causing any collateral damage to the people that he cared about (Serena, Jenny, etc).


i really think DAIR should last because they have common interests, they love the same vintage movies and they love art and debate about it. Isn't this the kind of connection we all want in our real love life? And as for the wedding vows Dan wrote for Blair, according to her, it peers into her soul. Doesn't this mean that Dan is her soulmate? And whenever Blair is with Chuck, she's always into scheming and dark places, but when she's with Dan, she's truly happy and absorbed in the beauty of life around her. DAIR FOREVER !!! DARE TO DAIR !!! DAIR IS SO TOTALLY THE ENDGAME !


I still don't see it. For me their chemistry is great, but as friends. Chuck and Blair looking at each other has more romantic chemistry than a Dair kiss.


Wahhhhhhh :( It's a princess and a boy in rags :( That story has totally been told before, I'm sure of it!
I have never seen a Princess and a Dark Knight together, despite what you all may come up with in response to me.


@Cameron - Where did it say 5th grade in the script? It just said essay competition - I took this as something he has done since they became friends. I don't think he always loved her, and I don't really see how that matters. I also don't think that description of Blair is as awful as you seem to think it is, and is a lot nicer than some of the things Chuck has said about her. I was a diehard Chair shipper, but I was never able to move past the HOTEL-manipulation and when DAIR was introduced last year, it became the most redeeming part of the show for me.


watching dan and blair kiss is rather repulsing.


Oh yes, Dan Humphrey has ALWAYS loved Blair for her...
"She's best friends with this girl, Blair Waldorf. Who is basically everything I hate about the Upper East Side distilled into one 95-pound, doe-eyed, bon mot tossing, label-whoring package of girly evil."
And that fifth grade essay competition? Even Dair fans can admit that is a load of BS.
God, I miss Chair so much.


I really feel that Chuck and Blair will not come back. IT is so sad. Dan is a nice guy and i get why some of you are cheering them.
I am fun of true, not easy love, that give chill and a lot of problem, but in the end of a day you knot that all what matter is having the one person in live that will give you hear, soul, spirit, mind, and if this even possible every breathe.

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