Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair: Will They Last?

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Now that Dan and Blair are a full-fledged couple (or at least clearly headed down that path, without a prenup, Chuck or Louis looming as immediate obstacles), the question becomes, when the show returns April 2:

Will it last? Or will these two quickly realize they're better as friends?

That's an open question, but their bedroom woes won't do them in.

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TV Line's Michael Ausiello says that the sex problem Dan and Blair encounter on the next episode (as evidenced by the Spring 2012 Gossip Girl promo) will not necessarily be the thing that derails Dair.

"Those resourceful kids will quickly find a solution to their sad sack woes," he reveals in his weekly spoiler column, "Although I can’t really see them sustaining said solution on a long-term basis."

Hmm. Any thoughts on what that solution is? And whether it will be sustainable?

This is just one person's opinion, mind you, but it's likely to be shared by many who just can't envision Dair together for good. On the flip side, many fans see them as the sole reason for the show at this point.

Don't forget there's that on-set kiss that is allegedly from the episode after April 2, so even if they do end the romance, it may not be imminent. Anyway, what do you think? Comment, and vote, below!

Dair: Will it last?

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Dan you the man....Humphrey will end up being the real hurricane that took down the UES. He befriended Nate, then dumped him. Banged Serena, they broke up but she still wants him so he got her to pine for him..wins over Nate. He befriended Chuck, then dumped him. Gonna Bang Blair and he's got her wanting him so wins over Chuck. He done F'd up the NJBC. Revenge for his dear Sister. They are probably plotting on the phone now because Gossip Girl is LITTLE J.


We will see at the end of 5th season or when his new book released. It is better for Dan to punish Serena than that he was used her, because then he is worse than Georgina. As for Ryan go ahead.


@zoran. You're basically saying Dan is punishing Serena. That's twisted. Dan's feeling for Blair seem genuine. We'll see on the long run.
You know if you have such a thing for Blake. I can't take Ryan Reynold around Top Gear track. I will beat his ass. ;)


I have described what happens in the first and second episode of the 2.season. Why is it in his book Den described Serena in that kind of way? There is a multiple-choice, but the two most important are: 1) Dan was described on Serena on thet way because he never loved her and only used to enter the UES, as is noted Vanesa and 2) Dan is mad at Serena because he still loves her, the only question is what is the reason that (Ben, Gabriel or someone else). The answer to this is an opportunity for the audience to observe a possible end to the series, but the question is whether and when the writers give an answer.


Derena and Chair all the way and you know it.


@zoran Beginning of season 2. I don't remember the events but somehow it makes sense. Things between him and Serena weren't good and he already had a meaning talk with Blair. The writers aren't that bad, there is a logic in the story. There is a lag between the story in their mind and the one we saw on screen.


Dan began writing the book at the beginning of second season when he went to Hemtone to reconcile with Serena. In the first episode of the 2. season Dan is sitting on the beach and write in a notebook and Serena comes up to him ... Later in the next episode, Dan admits to his sister and father that he started writing the book. It remains a mystery why Dan poorly described Serena in the book, it is key to understand the all present events in the series.


@stop this nonsense
You know intelligence is not knowledge. Intelligence is ability to adapt. Intelligence it is when you can play with knowledge. We can be weak in a field but have Einstein's intelligence.


@ stop this nonsense
If you do not like the series it has no reason to be angry with my bad English. Series has its flaws because it is in the 5th season, but that does not mean that everyone has not the right to their opinion.


i so adore the looks of blair and dan in that final 5x17 scene. their eyes said it all. oh, the power of acting. they convey the longing, the trepidation, the shyness, the insecurities, the giddiness and most of all hope, and ultimately love. (i speak more of a girl's point of view, since i dont know what guys are generally feeling in such a situation).
i adore how happy they are. i think i am just generally happy to see people happy, especially when they are in love. such a blessing, aight? i haven't seen blair that genuinely happy for a long time, even when she was with chuck.
i like chuck, too. always have. how can i not? he's an interesting fictional characters, like the rest in gg. i hope he finds another great love. ivy. or somebody else.
in the meantime, let us enjoy dair, celebrate love, and spread love around us, not hate. love brings peace to the heart :)
@anak.INA i dont register yet, too lazy, but i am an ardent reader here and the forum. :)

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