Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair: Will They Last?

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Now that Dan and Blair are a full-fledged couple (or at least clearly headed down that path, without a prenup, Chuck or Louis looming as immediate obstacles), the question becomes, when the show returns April 2:

Will it last? Or will these two quickly realize they're better as friends?

That's an open question, but their bedroom woes won't do them in.

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TV Line's Michael Ausiello says that the sex problem Dan and Blair encounter on the next episode (as evidenced by the Spring 2012 Gossip Girl promo) will not necessarily be the thing that derails Dair.

"Those resourceful kids will quickly find a solution to their sad sack woes," he reveals in his weekly spoiler column, "Although I can’t really see them sustaining said solution on a long-term basis."

Hmm. Any thoughts on what that solution is? And whether it will be sustainable?

This is just one person's opinion, mind you, but it's likely to be shared by many who just can't envision Dair together for good. On the flip side, many fans see them as the sole reason for the show at this point.

Don't forget there's that on-set kiss that is allegedly from the episode after April 2, so even if they do end the romance, it may not be imminent. Anyway, what do you think? Comment, and vote, below!

Dair: Will it last?

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out of every person that comments here, you have to be the closest person to being on the same page as me. the reason i haven't given up is because the writers have written the show in a way that suggests Chair and Derena are going to find their way back in the end.
You know what would be really horrible/good? If Dan left Blair for Serena like he does with every girl he claims to have feelings for. I mean as long as it leads her back to Chuck I'm okay with it, but it really would rip the rug out from underneath Blair if she thought Dan was the trustworthy one.


@ serenalover
Excellent comment, congratulations.


@ Where's Waldorf
I hope you're right, and this is one of the main reasons why i still watch the series. That Serena and Dan, and Chuck and Blair are the main couples throughout the series and you should assume that if they had not completed their existence, then the next season might resurrect it again.


"No matter what's happened between you and Chuck, the two of you have always been connected. Everything that you've gone through keeps leading you back to each other. Just like it does Dan and me."


@ggisthebest, wheres waldorf EXACTLYYYY!!!!!! the writers would be ruining chair, derena and blerena.
these pairings have been our faves since they started.
even duck had a pretty great following, and its going to be trashed for dair.
the writers have no choice but to stop dair from being endgame?


@Where's Waldorf yes that does make sense. dair was built up to and happened. it was bound to. but it doesn't necessarily mean they're going to stay.


Yes there has been a major change, but if Gossip Girl is to end in a season, it is unrealistic that Dair should be endgame. If Chair and Derena had remained completely ignored for at least a season, we would assume that those ships are well and truly over. But it's CHUCK Blair is leaving behind, not Nate. Its SERENA that Dan is leaving behind, not Vanessa. They were the major on and off couples for 5 straight seasons. Call that repetitive, but in the end it can only mean that they're going to happen again right?


Ivy is a criminal, has taken what does not belong to her. She take heritage of Serena, Erik and Charlotte because if she was not with CeCe, then CeCe would leave an inheritance to their grandchildren. Lily will fix it soon, as new pictures from the set she and Serena out of court. Ivy your days are numbered.


@zoran and abigail you are 100% correct.
Derena are a major relationship. The mistake was Serena ever needing to try and choose between Nate and Dan. I think it was just that she was afraid of hurting Nate, her life-long friend.


Honestly- for some reason: I am really beginning to like Ivy Dickens' character. Idk- she just kind of grew on me. HOPE she's still in the show for another season ;D

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