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Grey's Anatomy Episode Teaser: Are You Getting Any?

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Coming off its role in the annual Shonda Rhimes crossover event, Grey's Anatomy will air a new episode next Thursday might - and it will be all about sex.

Not really. But that's the impression ABC gives views in its official preview for "If Only You Were Lonely," as you can see here:

In reality, the installment will focus on the serious issue of Adele's worsening condition, as  Richard considers altering their living situation. Elsewhere:

  • An coffee shop explosion will result in a busy day in the ER.
  • Callie will continue to help Meredith study for her boards.
  • Lexie will join Arizona and Alex in peds, as they look after Morgan's premature child.
  • Mark will encourage Jackson to, well, have sex.
  • Cristina will grow jealous over how she interprets Owen's interactions.

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Very good catch about the Jaxie scenes coming from 8x8. Thought they looked familiar. Promo monkeys strike again.


I want Slexie to come back!! It's weird to see Lex single


It looks like Der is upset... I hope MerDer don't split up...
I love Grey's sooo much (My fav show!!!)


@ didi Lexie is back with Derek in the episode after this . Patrick was racing at Daytona when the episode was filmed so that's the reason for no DerLex and I doubt there will be much MerDer either. The Jaxie scenes in the promo are from 8.08


They've managed to get lexie off Der's service,:)) Is Lex gonna get back with Avery? Or is this promo misleading us?
Der looks tearful in the photo! Let's hope MerDer have some scenes together this week!


o, mark and lexie will happen, slexie will come back...they are perfect together, so i belive they cant be over...when this season end i think they will be a couple again.


derek è sconvolto perchè sa di adele,l'idea che anche meredith possa ridursi così se si ammalasse di alzaimer lo devasta


Although I always love Owen and a huuge CrOwen shipper, I do agree that Owen is being kind of a jackass the last episode. But I really don't understand why Cristina really don't want a baby... she was so miserable in season 2 when she was having miscarriage of Burke's baby. And I kinda understand the way Owen insisting on asking the reason behind her not wanting a baby, and he keeps going back to the same reason because he still hasn't got the answer.


Always love to the drama in the ER, but we need some sexy time between MerDer, Calzona, Slexie and Bailey and her man!!!


I think Slexie is over. Mark is over Lexie. During last week's episode, when Mark said to Jackson "...all you had to do was convince her, and you couldn't even do that." Mark was really talking about Lexie. This week's episode, I think we'll see Mark trying to get Jackson back with Lexie. Shondra Rhimes telling the Slexie-shippers "to have faith and hang on" is B.S. Slexie is never coming back. It's just the carrot being dangled in front of the shippers faces to keep them watching.