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Greys anatomy
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  • Richard and Adele visit a home for her to live in after she burns Richard’s arm.
  • Cristina thinks Owen is cheating on her with a nurse.
  • Alex works on Morgan’s baby and her husband leaves.
  • Sloan wants to hook Jackson up with someone but he says he cant because he is still in love with Lexie.
  • An explosion at a nearby coffee shop sends burn victims into the hospital.
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greys is the only show i will flip out over no one better erase it off my dvr lol no really i even like watching the old shows..... i agree with greys fan come on thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this show is my absolute favorite . i dvr it when im at work and watch it before i go to work and watch it on my laptop. i was afraid i had missed an eposoide but im glad i havent. the relationship that merideith and christina have is so funny they truly act like bff s i told my bff she is my person she says i knw. my husband dosnt understand how i can just watch them always .i tell him it is just like him watching his dumb westerens only better.!


I think the conflict between Cristina and Owen is amazing, it is real! A quick break-up or resolution would be a shame - this storyline has showcased both actors' depths and range. It took me a bit to warm up to them as a couple, but now they're one of my favourites because they compliment each other so well. They are so REAL! People today, they give up too quickly as soon as they hit a speedbump in their relationships...I'm voting to see this couple weather all the storms and make it through...together!


Sloan is sooo going to hook up april and jackson!! About time!!!!


I have seen every single episode too!!! I can't get enough of this show. I agree it should be more than once a week lol!


Christina and Owen, work it out or move on to the next! She needs to want to have a baby soon! Love the show!!!!


Im such a greys addict, once a week just isn't enough. I've watched every single episode!!!! Thursday hurry up :)

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

I haven't seen my husband or baby since yesterday and I don't even care because Callie blew my mind. I'm going to make the boards my bitch!


As surgeons, we are trained to consult with each other, to get opposing views. We even encourage patients to get second opinions. But why seek a second opinion when you know you're right?

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