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  • Richard and Adele visit a home for her to live in after she burns Richard’s arm.
  • Cristina thinks Owen is cheating on her with a nurse.
  • Alex works on Morgan’s baby and her husband leaves.
  • Sloan wants to hook Jackson up with someone but he says he cant because he is still in love with Lexie.
  • An explosion at a nearby coffee shop sends burn victims into the hospital.
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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

You can seek the advice of others, surround yourself with trusted advisors. But in the end, the decision is always yours and yours alone. And when it's time to act and you're all alone with your back against the wall, the only voice that matters is the one in your head. The one telling you what you already knew. The one that's almost always right.


I haven't seen my husband or baby since yesterday and I don't even care because Callie blew my mind. I'm going to make the boards my bitch!