Grey's Anatomy Review: Meeting Meredith Webber

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So... what did you think?

Grey’s Anatomy aired its the much buzzed about alt-reality episode this week, "If/Then." Any installment whose premise is a dream sequence for the entire hour is bound to be subpar, right? Wrong. An hour that I believed to be total filler (mostly because Shondaland has to be running out of stories) may have been just that, but it was also enjoyable, and light and left me wondering: WHAT IF?

Let’s be clear that although this imaginary world was fun and different, I wouldn’t want to be watching it week after week. So let’s get to it - time to discuss the alternate reality that is Seattle Grace.

Family, Yet Unfamiliar

Bright and Shiny. Well, this was a completely different Meredith Grey Webber. The girl in the bubble gum pink sweater was the polar opposite of the woman we've been watching for years. Living in a house with her parents, Ellis and Richard, and engaged to geeky Alex?!? Wow. One that thing that wasn’t different? Ellis was still a world class surgeon and awful mother/person.

The best thing about this scenario was having Richard as Mer’s dad. This relationship is absolutely one of the highlights of this series. This also put Meredith on the other side of things - having her husband fiance cheat on her in the hospital. Super sweet moment of Mer crying on her dad’s shoulder.

Gotta love Meredith and Derek (McDreary) meeting up at Joe’s. “You’re just a guy in a bar.” Nice nod to the pilot.

Mer and Alex

Welcome home, Addison! Kate Walsh took a break from her less than stellar show to reprise her role as Addison. Oh, how i have missed those high arched eyebrows. P.S. Thank you for getting McSteamy back to his shirtless self. 

And it looks like Addi and Mark finally got to have that baby. Speaking of Sloan...

I was a little disappointed that Mark didn’t make an appearance until the end, but his heroic carrying in of junkie Lexie was awesome. Girl rocked those dreads and tattoos, too.

The Shepherds

Cristina Yang. First of all, terrible bangs. But it was nice to see that Yang still made it to the cardio god she is today. Cristina found her way, back to her person and the caring girl to Owen’s PTSD.

Owen, Callie, and their family were pretty boring, though. Things were just awkward.

“Shoot Me Now.” Charles is alive and well, not having died in Bailey’s arms. With only a few lines, at least he made them zingers.

Miranda Mandi Bailey. Without having Webber guide her through her early days, Bailey was a timid and soft spoken fired doctor. Pretty much my least favorite part. I like my Bailey bursting at the mouth and putting people in their places.

Bailey with Braids!

Nods to the Characters of Yesterday. Even though this was an episode with no point, you have to appreciate the mentioning of characters’ past.

  • Yang having slept with Burke drove him out of the state. I miss the days of Preston Burke and his tight fitted turtlenecks.
  • Izzie slept with a patient and stole a heart for him. Guess things didn’t change for her.
  • George still was called 007 and never passed his intern test. Too bad he never got to save the guy in the elevator.

This was an episode that shouldn’t be kept on the DVR, but was worth watching once. Taking a break from the complicated world of SG is ok, but only for an hour. Let’s make a promise to not do this again this season.

It was better than the musical episode, but not as good as the standard installments of Grey’s Anatomy. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was this an hour you would like to get back or did you enjoy the imaginary world? Would you rather things be the way they are or the alternate version? Sound off and let us know what you thought. Don’t forget to check back for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. Until next time...


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Callie and Owen? If you strip away their individual histories with George and Cristina, respectively, the pairing does make sense. Callie has always wanted a big family. It's what attracted her to George because family was everything to George. In regards to Owen, he always "envisioned" himself a life with kids, being married, being a family man. It's hard to see those two because there's this inherent bias of what we know of Callie and Owen from the prime universe. Seeing a particular ending or a point in someone's future wihtout the history that builds up to it always leaves questions of the how and why. Not that I would pursue a telling of that story, but I wouldn't oppose it either way. Say what you will about SR, I think she tells great stories.


This episode, at least for me, highlighted that your pain and your crap that you go through are just as important, if not defining, of who you are and how you deal with life. If Meredith grew up in a wonderful home, she wouldn't have the desire to help people as prime-Meredith does. Remember the proposal in the elevator? What Derek said about Meredith pushing people, that her dark and twisty isn't a character flaw, but a character strength. Meredith has always been the glue to the group because of her experiences. Rallying the group behind Izzie, providing George friendship, sticking by Alex, and finding a soulmate in Cristina. It was only after things got crappy for alt-Meredith that allowed her to deal with the situation as prime-Meredith would have. So me? I loved this episode. And YES to the music, Tegan and Sara!!


@ Misguidedghost95: I also liked the chemistry between jackson and lexie! I feel that they belong together now! I want Mark to find someone else and lexie to get over him so she can be with jackson.


I loved how Bailey turned into her normal self in that elevator and that someone used the elevator.. haha. I don't think that Shonda and co are running out of ideas, sometimes as writers they just have to do something so that they can be different, increase ratings, and show the big bosses that the show they are producing is still relevant. This wasn't a filler ep.


I agree with Courtney on some counts. It was a great ep in that it handled everything great. The premise behind the ep for me was that what if things had turned out differently would what happened still happen or will they not end up where they are today. And it turned out that they ended up pretty much where they started. If that makes sense. lol. :/. Loved the throwbacks to the pilot incl the song into the fire. 1 of the best songs paired to scenes ever.
I knew Good-Alex was too good to be true and that something had to be up.
I wonder if Mer knew who Lexi was when she looked at the chart.


I didn't like the first half of the episode, mostly because of the incredibly boring, immature, bad-fanfiction-type dialogue that was going on, even in an alternate reality there was no excuse for that. The second half was much better, I even enjoyed it. Mark coming in and with Lexie no less finally made me happy, I seriously thought he wasn't going to be in the eppy...then Addy's baby turning out to be his too, though I should have seen that one coming. I got so tired of Jackson, but then that's nothing new. I suppose I liked the second half better because it felt more like how Grey's usually is, for the most part, especially the last few minutes.


Personally I think 2 hours would have been better. More could have been covered in that time.
a couple key points I thougtht were great
-Meredith finds her way back to derek
-Addison still cheated on Derek
-Owen is still really messed up from war
-Christina is still a machine but deep inside she has a heart
-Callie was discovering that she liked girls by being around arizona.
-Arizona and Callie find their way back to eachother
-They all looked strange and hot with the different hair
-The shout out to teddy made me giggle
-The Chemistry between jackson and lexie was crazy
- In the end lexie's "sister" saved her life I wouldnt want this univer to exsist because that would mean that there would have never been a erica hanh so callie probly wouldnt have prusud arizona. Also i think addison would have still left if she got prego.
All in all you cannot escape fate was the selling point of the whole show. The way they are now is how they are ment to play out.


I think it was amazing episode and not as flat as reveiwer seem to see. What if, everybody is asking this question at some point of their lifes, so why not in GA? I think this episode show just that no metter what, everything will fall in place in some point or another.
Chirpy Mer? Please, do not do that to us ever again. Alex is still jerk, although it did cross my mind that he's using Mer. Don't even let me start on Lexie (my personal favourite one), she rocked that tattoos. The only thing that was lacking - Mark & Lexie, not Mark and Addie. Just no.


I liked it. I personally would have liked 2 hours to see more of Sloan, and lexie. I loved the ending, how no matter what, things turn out the way they sould be. Mer and yang working together. MerDer in the bar. It was not the epic episode it was acclaimed to be, but it was good.


There were certain things about this episode that clearly didn't work - Callie and Owen were the world's most awful couple. The Shepherds scenario was pretty realistic of what would have happened, they were barely happy before Derek moved to Seattle...and I loved that the baby turned out to be Mark's. Percy's "someone just shoot me now" was perfection. The reason George left after failing his intern exam was cos Bailey wasn't Bailey enough to convince him into staying. And Mer ratting out Izzie?! Amazing! I have to say my absolute favourite moment was Cristina in the bar with Mer at the end, such a homage to earlier episodes: "we don't have to do that thing where I say something, then you say something then we both cry, do we?" It was a weird episode and I'm glad it's not gonna stay like that but it was fun and just like in the Friends episode of TOW it could have been, it's nice to know that in the end the characters all got to where they were supposed to.

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