Grey's Anatomy Review: Two Shepherds, One Battle

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Grey’s Anatomy returned tonight with "Have You Seen Me Lately?," the first hour in the GA/Private Practice Crossover Event. There were a few intense surgeries and an even bigger battle. Time to discuss.

Study Buddy. Boards are coming up for the residents and Webber has convinced Callie to work with Meredith. This is totally the right move. These two are both hardcore and do not get paired up enough. Watching them work together will most definitely be entertaining, especially if they continue to work on cases like putting a toe on a hand! Callie’s study methods may be the thing to help Mer prove she is as good as her last name.

In typical Alex fashion, he used his pregnant intern to help him study. The real Alex made an appearance when she had a heart attack and a premature baby. There is no other resident that is more perfect for Peds. He may be cynical but he loves saving those kids. The only issue is that the writers are all across the board with him. He’s sweet and caring one week, a jackass the next. The cycle goes round and round. We have seen real progress made for this character and it’s time to see him move forward. Or get a love interest. Balls in your court, Shonda.

Avery and Sloan

Be My Person. Wow. That was intense. Cristina and Owen hit up couples therapy to work on their issues that ultimately kept falling back on the abortion. Owen complained that Cristina is still a “twisted sister” with Meredith and that she should have a baby.

Here is the thing: Yang has always been upfront about her stance on children. Owen knew this and if it was a deal breaker, they never should have gotten married. The future is not looking too bright for these two and I imagine I am not alone in thinking they should separate for a while. Plus, there is no one more bad a** than a broken-hearted robot Cristina.

Get Out! Let it be said that Jackson and Mark may make the sexiest tag team of docs ever. Avery got some guts and kicked Bailey out of his OR with Sloan’s backup. You can now add this quality to their list of best bromance ever. Now, I, too, like my Bailey with a bit of bossiness. But even I would have gave her the boot.

Double Dose of Shepherd. In hour one, Amelia arrived at SGH to get Derek’s help for Erica. McDreamy was right to be concerned about his baby sis but it’s time for the Shepherds to do work. Come on, “it’s a beautiful night to save lives.” 

Only downside to this is that Amelia spent time with the wrong Grey. Even though Lexie is on Neuro, it would have been much better to see her interact with her sister-in-law. Maybe in the second hour...

Lex, Der

Small Doses:

  • Gotta love the shout out to the ice pick Owen pulled out of Cristina. Oh, the early days of love.
  • Callie working with Mer means more screen time. It’s about time.
  • The hand-in-meat-grinder case may have been the most disgusting in a long time. Pretty much awesome.
A solid hour to the start of the annual crossover event. Make sure to check out the review for Private Practice to get the details on the second hour. Will Amelia and Derek succeed in Erica’s surgery? Are Cristina and Owen headed for a divorce? Is Callie going to help Meredith pass her boards? Sound off and let us know!


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I thought this was a great Cristina/Owen episode. I'm a fan of them, although I can understand why people don't think they fit together. I just think that they interact together really well. They're both hardcore in different ways. Even from their interactions fighting in therapy, I would rather watch them together than any other couple on the show...including Mer/Der. Would've loved to see Amelia interacting with Meredith or Zola. I get that her presence at SG was more about Erica and the tumor, but sometimes it's those little forgotten things that make all the difference. I was also secretly hoping that Derek would head out to L.A., as I think it would be fun for him to see Addison in her "new" environment.


Pedro Villalba - a fetus is a potential human being. However - this isn't really the place for a pro/anti-abortion debate. I don't think they should break up their marriage. I think its a great story line, one that I've certainly never seen explored on TV before. They have a lot to work through, whether they will or not, who knows. I certainly hope they do because they clearly love each other and I love them as a couple - just as much, if not more, as Mer/Der. But both are hurting right now. Some of those therapy scenes were brutal but at least they are finally talking about their feelings - a step in the right direction I think.


Ok, this is it. No more. There is so little medical reality to this program both in the details of the cases but especially in the interactions among the docs. If there was 10% of this behavior exhibited in any hospital there would be probations, reprimands and firings for cause. The characters are no long internally consistant, with the exceptions possibly of Christina.
I am not sure I won't miss them a bit,but it's been a long time since any of the story arcs had any degree of verisimilitude.Btw I am an MD so I believe I know whereof I speak.


I felt that this episode was not the "Crossover event" that was promised. It seemed more like Grey's Anatomy + Amelia and Private Practice +Shepard and Little Grey.


@Amy... Still, the fetus is considered to be a human being.. I think Owen and Cristina should break their marriage... I am not taking sides here 'cause it's a tricky situation for both of them. But, the best solution that comes to my mind is to end the marriage.


I loved the medical cases in this episode, and loved all the teaching relationships which were all sweet and nice to see : Callie/Meredith (true that we don't see that enough), Arizona & Alex and also Mark and Jackson.
I may be the only one but I am getting sick and tired of Owen/Cristina's storyline, have never been that bored to death before. This is lasting too long, either they break up or the make up but seriously, it's always the same speech and dialogue between these 2, enough now. Although the actors offered good performances.


@metumble, cristina's uterus, cristina's choice. the end. she didn't HAVE to think about it because she knows what she wants. just because she CAN be a doctor and a mother at the same time doesn't mean she should be forced into it out of obligation. and as far as getting tubes tied, do you have any idea how hard it is to get that surgery electively without already having children first? extremely. i would know. i have been turned down by every doctor i've ever talked to. if a man wants a vasectomy, he can so anywhere and get one as long as he's 18. if a woman wants a tubal ligation, she has to prove that she won't change her mind, because everyone thinks if a woman doesn't want a baby that it's actually just a matter of time. not wanting a baby does not make someone selfish or terrible. bailey and callie made the CHOICE to keep their babies [and they never see them]. cristina made the CHOICE not to have one. the end.


As much as I love Owen, and Owen and Christina, I have to admit that he is lying here. He knew, long before they got married, that Christina didn't want any children. She was very upfront with him about that and made it clear she wouldn't change her mind. I totally understand why he is having a hard time coming to terms with the abortion but he is being unfair to Christina to say she never made it clear to him. So what is other women have had babies and are surgeons? She doesn't want kids. Not all women do. And no woman she have to go through a pregnancy against her consent. Adoption is always a great alternative either. There are enough unloved, unwanted, uncared for children in the world. And it wasn't a baby, it was a fetus.


aaand.. MEREDITH is pregnant! :D I think.


I thought that I had read some time back that Patrick Dempsey was leaving after this series, so if they are making Meredith pregnant she will struggle to raise two children on her own and still be a doctor, hopefully Patrick has changed his mind. One thing I do hope is that Heigl doesn't come back, I enjoy this program but would have to stop watching if she came back as she is loathsome.

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