Private Practice Review: To Seattle Grace We Go

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Oh, what a night. Tonight’s dramatic Private Practice followed a similarly eventful hour of Grey’s Anatomy and had me holding my breath nearly throughout the entire episode.

I’ll be honest. My favorite Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice installments are the ones that leave me surrounded by slightly damp tissues with strained teary eyes. Thanks to Shonda and company, the second hour of the special two-hour crossover event did not disappoint.

At Seattle Grace

Do you remember when we first heard about Erica and Mason coming on board? Most of us assumed she was there to stir up trouble for Charlotte and Cooper. It is crazy how wrong we were and how quickly both Erica and Mason have grown into integral characters. I never thought that I’d become so attached to them after such a short amount of time.

I also expected that Erica wouldn’t make it, and that Mason would be left under Charlotte and Cooper’s care. I suppose that would have been too predictable, and was thrilled that Team Shepherd was successful in saving Erica’s life. Both Amelia and Derek totally rocked that surgery. It was so nice to see them put their differences aside and be the siblings and team they needed to be to help Erica.

By the way, how heart-wrenching was the scene with Erica breaking down to tell Mason the truth about her health? I couldn’t help crying with Erica and wished I, too, had some rain to hide my tears. Also, I could hardly catch my breath when Erica spoke to Charlotte, telling her that Mason would need a living mother and asked Charlotte to remember to talk about her in case she didn’t make it. 

A Visit to Seattle Grace

As usual, Cooper and Charlotte stole the show. I was glad that Cooper recognized how amazing she’s been through all of this. I also really liked when she took the time to get herself pulled together and be honest with Mason by showing and telling him exactly what was wrong with his mother. All of the moments between both Charlotte and Cooper were extraordinary, and I’m so glad that she realizes how much she loves Mason.

Back in L.A., Jake and Sam were at odds when a patient who Sam had helped with a heart transplant became impregnated with Jake’s help. Of course, the two had to ask for Addie to weigh in, and she was right when she said that what mattered was giving the baby fighting chance. The culmination of this case was terribly sad, as the father held his baby girl realizing that he and his wife never discussed names.

Meanwhile, I thoroughly enjoyed Sam’s storyline with his sister, Corinne. Without Naomi and Maya in the picture, I had wanted to get to know more about Sam’s life outside of his back-and-forth relationship with Addie. Thankfully, Sheldon was able to help Corinne and diagnosed her with a bipolar disorder.

Elsewhere: If you’re on Team Jaddison, it’s likely that you were pleased with this episode for a single reason. How stoked were you when Addie admitted that it wasn’t just a physical thing with Jake? I almost thought that he was only putting himself out there so that she could suggest that he was reading too much into their friendship and that she would deny any emotional connection. I was so surprised that it was just the opposite, and am really looking forward to what’s next for Jaddison. I also can’t help but wonder what Sam’s going to say and think.

Finally, let’s get to the best part, the Violet Annoyance Scale. I’m rating tonight’s installment a 2 on the VAS. It is fine if she wants just a physical relationship with Scott, but it seems like she was hoping for Pete to say or do something throughout the whole episode about it not really being over with one another. I, for one, don’t want to see them back together. She also seemed so strange to me, too, when both she and Pete were next to each other at the fridge. Sheldon asked if it was awkward. I thought it was just weird. It was like she was trying to analyze Pete’s every move, but didn’t want to make her own move.

So, what are your thoughts, TV Fanatics? What did you think of "You Break My Heart"? Hit the comments now!


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Holy goodness Evalani, those are cdirenible, they're beautiful girls but you made them angelic and you are just so talented!!! Cant wait to see them around town


Once more Charlotte stole the show. It is amazing with all the Erica´s drama the one who made me cry like a baby was Charlotte. Everything that happened to her plus Mason had made her happier and even better. I love Charlotte and Cooper "so damn much"


Pardon my intrusion loool, just here to say how glad team Shepherd save that woman's tumor. Don't watch the show, literally, I am crossing over. But damn I felt everything in this episode. I remembered some characters from other crossovers, but man I liked it. Sam's sister, Jake/Addi/Sam, that patient they lost, Charlotte and Cooper, Mason and Erica, had goosebumps all over when she waved at him, told him about the tumor and when Charlotte was putting herself together and then explained it all to the kid... Phew !
Interestingly enough, the episode started as Greys's, therapy session. Though I gotta admit I felt lost looool, all these characters I remembered or thought I did, or didn't know. Yep, interesting...


I agree. Jake and Addison should be together. I like how Charlotte's character has evolved. At first, I didn't care for her at all. She has grown on me considerably. I actually like her character now. It was great how Amelia and her brother saved the day.
I'm not feeling the Violet/Scott - cougar thing. I don't understand what the writers are doing with the Violet/Pete story line. It doesn't make sense to me. I mean literally - after all they have been through up to this point - I just don't get the story line. Either break them up or let them stay together. Enough already! I think they should have a writers annoyance scale!


After watching last nights show I have lost all respect for the Violet character, as a Psychologist she stinks and needs to see one herself. Since when she was attacked by the woman who wanted her baby she has been a complete bitch to everyone not just Pete, she needs to stop telling Addison all her exploits that is just more fire in the bed. When are the writers going to start writing a script that makes sense and without this sex shit all the time. We have enough of the same coming from other shows on this and different networks like The Good Wife, and Desperate Housewives all the wives have jumped into bed as soon as possible with the idea it is OK since they are separated but still married. Back in the day it is called Adultry not I'm free to do as I want.


Bill---Right on you hit the nail on the head and why did the writers use the one person who is the real mother of three kids instead of the one who is single or without kids. How would you try and explain to your kids why you were screwing a boytoy while still being married on TV.


Where is the whole "Violet has lots of meaningless sex with a hot 29-year old" sub-plot going? If I have to watch her come into the office one more time all giddy talking about her night between the sheets (on the sheets, the floor, in the kitchen) with her boy toy I'm going to lose my cookies. It's too bad she didn't try to have more casual sex with her husband instead of constantly analyzing everything he did and said and then running away from her relationship with him and her son to go on her book tour. And while her conversation with Pete about all the meaningless S-E-X they were both having was very Shonda Rhimes, it was also completely ridiculous - maybe a few years after they are divorced, but not that soon after they split up.


I really liked this crossover episode! Charlotte was incredible with Mason! I love Addie, but I really love the way that Charlotte just gets it right. She does what's best for the people around her, including not being afraid to call them out if necessary. Pretty disinterested in the Sam/Corrine storyline, but I think I would just rather see more Jaddison. I'm a big fan of the fact that he's such a gentleman, and he obviously cares about her in a very genuine way. Exactly what she needs...someone who will support her when it matters most.


Sam's sister storyline is getting increasingly better and more interesting to me. The Derek/Amelia interaction was nice. Addison delivering a baby is always a win for me. The rest was predictable. This Erica/Mason/Charlotte/Cooper storyline is such a bad rip off of the movie Stepmom. This was the worst rated crossover in PP/GA history.


Erica surviving was SO predictable.
Violet: VAS Scale 10.

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