Grimm Review: Of Reapers and Reasons

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I’ll just get this out of the way right now: I’m enjoying Juliette’s character more and more. It’s probably because "Organ Grinder" elevated Juliette from her slightly useless status.

Captain Renard in Action

I don’t think Juliette is dumb. She can no doubt sense that Nick has probably put more and more time into his work, and pulling away from her emotionally, however slightly, ever since Aunt Marie came into town. That’s a lot of added stress and anxiety put upon a woman who has already had plenty of encounters with Nick’s work and double life. Her role in his life isn’t easy.

We had a chance to peer a little bit in to where all of these feelings are coming from. Juliette knows what it’s like to have a guy leave her and stop all contact – something Aunt Marie told Nick to do. Which makes things difficult because they love each other, but Nick is dealing with this newfound Grimm aspect of his life and wondering how he can be honest with Juliette about it. Let’s be honest, Eddie is right: either they’ll believe you and think they themselves are crazy or they don’t and think you’re the crazy person – there’s no good outcome.

Yet the outcome already feels like it’s been set in stone. Eddie revealed to Nick that creatures can reveal themselves to humans. While I don’t think Eddie is going to have Juliette over for a beer or latte any time soon, nor do I think he’ll be the one doing the revealing. It does seem likely that Nick’s life work will once again come crashing all around her soon, and the only choice will be to let her in on it.

Juliette certainly proved her worth tonight, picking up on emotional cues that Nick didn’t with Gracie. Granted, Hanson (By the way, really? Really, Grimm? Of all the “H” names in all the worlds you guys went with the one used by early 90s brother boy band?) and Gracie weren’t creatures, but it’s a good start.

The other interesting development came with Renard. I think we all had an inkling that things were going to get real when he went out and helped Hank and Nick with their case. He even quickly changed the subject, and used his position of power, to keep Nick’s slight slip of Grimm tongue with the dried organs. Although, Renard may have said it more for his own peace of mind than trying to distract Hank and Wu.

It does look like things might be coming to a head with Renard and his reaping duties. As we learned last week, it seems like the reapers want things to stay status quo, and Nick is upsetting the balance. Is Renard, and by extension the reapers, allies to the Grimms? But why would he send his minion in to kill Aunt Marie but not Nick? This plotline is quickly shaping up, and I hope Grimm continues to sprinkle a few more breadcrumbs (puka shells?) our way.

Speaking of breadcrumbs, I suppose I could actually discuss the case this week (even if the mythology and characters are more fun). Honestly, there isn’t very much to say. A clinic kidnapping homeless teenagers and harvesting their organs so the creatures can get some “herbology” going is creepy.

Overall, I really enjoyed “Organ Grinder” and it’s Grimm’s best mix yet of serial and procedural. Which is rather amazing considering how sparingly Eddie was used. Usually his screen time has an almost direct correlation to how much I enjoyed the episode.

Other thoughts:

  • There was a lot of ball crushing imagery tonight.
  • Did anyone else feel like Hank’s banter was really forced? Usually he has a decent back and forth with Nick, but something felt off.
  • How is that corpse still in one piece after falling off that ridiculously large waterfall?


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Ronald simkins

@raisin girl
You are totally correct! It is quite clear that Renard is a complety diffrent order from Grimms and Verrat. I love how the show uses "Germanic" sources for the Wessen - the real Grimm brothers were linguists who derived the development of shifts in languages from IndoEuropean to most of the Germanic languages including protoEnglish.


Monroe's first name is NOT Eddie. It never has been. This according to the actor who plays him (Silas Weir Mitchell). He doesn't know where Eddie came from. So all of you calling Monroe Eddie just sound retarded! If you can't quote its source, stop spreading the bullshit!


Where did people get the impression that Renard is a wesen or a Reaper? I don't get either impression. I could be wrong, but since we've never seen him show any face but his human one, I'm guessing he's not a wesen unless he has truly monumental self-control even in dire situations. From the way he interacts with the Reapers, I get the distinct feeling that he ranks above them. I thought he was a member of one of the seven royal families of the Verrat... Also, this debate over Monroe's first name is driving me nuts. I just want to know for sure already! I've searched everywhere and can't seem to find a definitive answer either way.


The reason they used Hanson for the guy's name is because this episode was a play off Hansel and Gretel and Hanson is pretty much the only modern male name you can use as a substitute for Hansel and have it sound phonetically similar.


I get the impression that "joyeful" is right, Renard's character is trying to control/influence the interaction between the creature-folk and a technologically advanced 21st century society. I think Renard (a powerful Reaper) needs Nick to be a "good cop" Grimm and was trying to prevent aunt Marie from prejudicing Nick regarding Reapers, the Wesen and his responsibilities.


The name Eddie has *never* been used on the show. It was attached to some early information about the character, but was dropped before the pilot. (Which doesn't mean that they might not use it later if they decide Monroe needs a first name.)


This episode was quite a bit darker than previous episodes, which I thought was great (the bird plucking the eyes out of the body in the river... not many shows would show that). I am wondering if Nick will ever develop any type of "powers", besides the ability to identify creatures. His aunt was an amazing fighter, while Nick relies on his gun, being thrown around a lot, and boiling water from his girlfriend. I think his aunt hinted at several weeks of transformation once you assume the Grimm role, but maybe that was just with understanding the world around him (which has been great watching Nick figure out, so no complaints there). He certainly seems outmatched by most of the creatures, so no wonder there are not many Grimms around...


@jenn: Monroe's first name is Eddie - they just haven't used it so much on the show.


uhmmmm who is eddie im thinking you mean monroe because there is no eddie on the show


The white truck to free candy to witch's candy house and cannibalism to witch eating kids is the correlation. Yay, Juliette wasn't useless again. Hank did seem off. Nick and Eddie's pseudo-date was funny. It would be cool if Nick and Renard were allies of convenience or at least co-belligerents in the future. Nick being a Grimm first was great. Renard quick firing at the suspect was awesome.

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Renard: No matter how you look at it, it's cannibalism.
Wu: Uh, I think it's called capitalism.

I'm not asking you as a cop, so don't expect me to behave like one.