Hart of Dixie Episode Promo: A Secret Exposed

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Life in Bluebell, Alabama is about to get a lot more interesting.

On tomorrow night's new episode of Hart of Dixie, Lavon will wonder why Didi is acting so strange, eventually sticking Zoe on the case. And what will the doctor discover? A certain piece of information regarding Lavon and Lemon. Scandalous!

What will she do about it? How soon until George learns about the affair? Answers await on "Aliens & Aliases." But you can get your first look at what's to come in this preview:

Elsewhere, look for Wade to ask an unusual favor of Lemon in order to pull one over on Joelle's ex, while George goes to Zoe for medical advice regarding a client.

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Zoe should of told george lemon cheated one him also I think it dont over between lemon and lavon there still something there. Wade really need to grow up a little bit for zoe to look at him as anything. that all I got to say this week.


It's extremely self of Lemon to not tell George.


Zoe has no business telling George. If this is truly what she does, I will be shocked. It is an incredbily selfish thing to do.


Lemon cheated on George w/ Lavon. George has a right to know. Lemon & Lavon surely aren't going to tell him.


I hope Zoe keeps her mouth shut. George isn't married to Lemon and her ex's should be no ones business but Lavon and Lemons'.Zoe should stop kissing Judson's ass or lips. That was stupid. Zoe is showing her immaturity all through the episodes. Wade is accused of being immature, well Zoe is just as well. Otherwise Zoe would go about her business.

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