Hart of Dixie Review: Lies About Lemon

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I had a few problems with this week's episode of Hart of Dixie ("Aliens & Aliases"), which was light on story, but heavy on a few hard-to-believe character decisions. To wit:

ONE: Zoe called George with the intention of telling him about Lemon's affair with Lavon. Really?!? She had just referred to the latter as her "best friend in Bluebell" and she didn't think he deserved time to explain his actions? She wasn't curious about every last detail before deciding to make the monumental move of ruining multiple lives by outing Lemon and Lavon?

I understand Zoe feeling guilty over keeping such a secret, but her dismissal of Lavon's initial plea to explain himself just didn't make sense. It was included solely to extend the episode.

Zoe & Lavon

TWO: Everything about the Joelle-and-her-ex storyline was rather lame. Does anyone care about Joelle? Does anyone see her as anything but a contrived obstacle to delay the inevitable Wade/Zoe hookup? Did any of this even make sense, that her former lover would think he saw her at a bar way out of town... and then, what, track her to Bluebell somehow?

But. Fine. Wade wanted to work his scheme to fool Ed. Even if we accept that premise... why would he then call George to come down and rescue him from a wasted Roxy/Lemon? Simply because she was drunk and wouldn't stop dancing? Big deal.

Hang out there for another hour, take her home when it closes and give yourself props for pulling off the prank and saving your relationship. Why take the risk that the plot would be foiled, as ended up being the case, when George arrived?

THREE: It's a pet peeve of mine in any medical show - yes, I'm looking at you, Grey's Anatomy! - when the Case of the Week so closely mirrors whatever the main character is going through. It's just poor writing, and it's almost insulting to the audience; as if we needed this episode's alien-loving teacher to smash us over the head with the idea that sometimes  a white lie can bring a couple closer.

Not to mention the lazy way the episode set up Zoe's diagnosis. The guy just happened to have a giant tattoo on his arm? And his wife just happened to often hand him bottles of juice in public?

Overall, a pretty bad Hart of Dixie installment, which is disappointing because it focused on such a seemingly huge deal: the reveal, to Zoe at least, of Lavon and Lemon's affair.

It was really meant to set the stage for what's ahead, as now George and Lemon plan to elope; Zoe is privy to a vital piece of information; Lavon, of course, is still reeling from his heartbreak; and Wade is single. Those are all key developments for the final few episodes. I just wish HoD didn't have to waste this one in order to get us there.


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To Hobbo: the song is Happily Ever After (I Need You By My Side) by FM Radio, Out of the Blue is the name of the album, supposed to be out in March but I could only find the single of the song on Amazon. Karen :-)


Always has a twist at the end. Not sure about this one. GEORGE..what the hell are you doing? We know what's coming ahead now. Lavon broke it off with didi and George is going to give Lemon a 2nd chance at Lavon. Crap, I say....Lemon's father with a concussion.... What's up with that?


Enuff why are you here? This is a tv review website.. not a place for small people to have a go at individual commentors.


You are the AT&T of people.


Oh they deleted my post :( ...must've been the link. I was just saying I hope this doesn't turn into another love triangle or long drawn out will they or won't they, there's so many of those storylines out there. Why can't the writers have fun with a quirky coupling? There'll be plenty of weird/funny moments for two people that are dating, who are from two different worlds and I'm sure they'll find great 'oh no' moments. I loved the mid-season finale where Wade asks Zoe out for drink, they give each other those cute looks and it was just full of such sweetness and maturity so I thought this show was going somwhere but this was only to be side-stepped on it's return to air. I think we all know the writers plan by now... draaaaaag it on, ending the season on another Zoe and Wade moment all to be side-stepped at the start of season two.


don;t agree! it was a good episode!! much better than some previous ones!! and rachel's acting wasn't soo forced this time. Overall a very good episode. Glad Joelle will be gone!! Hated her guts!!! Lavon is the sweetest person in Bluebell and even Didi wasn;t sooo annoying and dumb as before


*sorry, there are many errors in my previous message, I submitted it before re-reading it*


I was really more annoyed by how Zoe changed her mind about telling George (again, case of the week is magically helping moral dilemma's) than her consideting telling him. I was once put in that situation, where a good friend of mine cheated on her long-time boyfriend. I didn't even knew him that well, but I felt very uncomfortable around him for some time. My loyalty was more with ly friend than her boyfriend, but even then I really wanted to tell the poor guy. It's a difficult situation to be in. I can get Zoe back in forth in wanting to tell George everything. The rest of the episode wasn't great, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Seeing Lemon let loose like that was really fun. The only question I have: where the hell is Brick?? Everytime Brick's on screen, he's all "I will kick you out of my practice", but he's never there! This really bothers me about the show.

Uss biddle dlg 34

Same old tired writing. This week had 49 minutes of lame, teeny bopper half witness, before it got to any point ! SOS .


What I took away from this episode is that Lemon can actually be fun and Jamie King looked beautiful. On another note I believe that Wade deserves to be with someone great but I am not sure if Zoe deserves to be with Wade. I found her very unlikable in this episode. I can't really say why either. Maybe I am already dreading the triangle chaos with her and George. Can' t say I look forward to her swooning over George...again. On that note, George is still the most boring on out of all of them. He' s just too perfect for me. Tom is adorable.

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