Hart of Dixie Teaser: What Does Zoe Say?!?

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On tomorrow night's Hart of Dixie, George will be honored and Zoe will be humiliated.

Indeed, fans can look forward to an episode that centers around the Bluebell Man of the Year, which goes to a certain friendly lawyer and which involves a cocktail party thrown by the Mayor. But this gets rather tricky, considering that Mayor has feelings for the winner's fiancee.

Enter Zoe, who volunteers to help Lavon, but then makes awkward matters a whole lot worse by saying... something. Watch the following promo for "Tributes & Triangles" and then take your best guess: What does Zoe let slip?!?

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I find Zoe still a bit unbelievable as a doctor, and her character a bit shallow. But I love Lemon, she makes the show for me, her character is so energized and she says things I would want to say in those situations. When she says the lemonade is red and not pink for thnk tea and they willl look like vampires drinking their blood, I just about peed.


Weeks ago I LOVED this show but now... I found myself fast forwarding and not wanting to sit through boring conversations about nothing. I think a lot of us thought this show was going to turn into something fun and of course the dynamic between Zoe and Wades relationship being fun, sexy and goofy was fantastic! However, the writers are so set on the love triangle idea (because that hasn't been done several times before) and prolonging something because it's easier to write. The fact there still isn't an official review says a lot. Completely agree with you Alice... bit of a yawn fest these past few episodes.


It is taking too long for Zoe and Wade to get together. The storylines in this show are uneventful and becoming more and more boring. Lemon's character is WAY too over the top. I would like the show more if she left it for a while.

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