Holy Hotness: Vampire Diaries Stars Cover EW

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Warning to all fans of The Vampire Diaries: you may need a glass of ice cold water prior to reading any further. Not to drink. To douse on yourself.

That's because stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder cover the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, with all three gracing the main cover and Nina having each actor to herself on a pair of separate, collectible covers.

Click on the trio of photos below for larger versions and take note of the colors assigned to Wesley and Somhaler... if you can get past the fact that none of them are wearing a shirt, that is. How roles have changed for Stefan and Damon...

Vampire Diaries EW Cover
Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Entertainment Weekly Cover
Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev Entertainment Weekly Cover

Inside the issue - on sale Friday! - producer Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson talk about the challenge of Elena and Damon's first real kiss, and how they wanted to keep both Stelena and Delena fans on board with it.

In general, when considering the love triangle, Plec says:

“How can we service this moment between our characters that we really want, a Damon and Elena kiss, without getting the Stefan-Elena side of the fandom to give up hope and give up on us? And vice versa, when we want Stefan and Elena to have a moment together, how can we do that and not have our Delena fans outraged?”

For a lot more about the show, pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. As if we needed to tell you that.

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Those covers are the hottest things i've ever seen. Hey they can use them to raise the ratings.whichever cover sells more copies these ship gets more teasing.although it's not really a question over here cause i'm buying all 3 of them.but i will first search for the DE and the trio covers.


I get that the threesome is the more narrative one, but i don't like it. It's plain weird, and not working. The best, is the one with nina and ian, it's much more steamy. Maybe cause them being together on the show is still "not really there", but you can see that the show has evolved and elena changed (plus no bra works better). I think they should go for it with damon and elena, at least for a while. Or just let her move on. The triangle and elena's confusion is too... "TWILIGHT" and the whole "team jacob" "team edward", which i hate. And it's not like the show would be over if the triangle was, the cool thing about it is that, unlike most vampire story lines, there is so much more to it.


One word sums this up...........


Even a Delena magazine cover is better then a Stelena one! And I'm Steroline and Datherine


Barf !


It took me a full 2-3 minutes to regain my composure and write my comment. The threesome picture is the best, for some reason. I can't help but find Nina's face looking very awkward (maybe it's the makeup?) which partially ruins the pics for me. However, Damon can distract me from focusing on that easily!


@Sofia The vampire diaries are one of the best shows so far, but NEVER, NEVER I can compare tu BUFFY! buffy was, is and will be THE BEST SHOW EVER! and the love between buffy and angel was epic! there is no comparison, buffy loved the one she should hate, the one she was meant to kill, as she was the slayer... elena is just a simple girl, well a simple doppelganger girl, buffy was meant to kill the one she loved, she was born to do that! she was chosen to do that, and in spite of all that she loved him! of course, there were a few moments in the series when i thought "hey, i've seen this in buffy" but for so many reasons it will never be the same! I mean, angel gave up his humanity, to safe her!!! come on!! hahaha i'm so sorry, but when is about buffy and angel there's no other couple in the world that can compare to that! btw that nina drovev is so lucky by having those two in each arm haha...


wow. . . that's chemistry. . . I like the group and the DE version . . .


The group shot is amazing! The SE one is great but I love the DE faces together and him touching her with both hands and her without a bra...Hope I can find the DE one


@sarah that is ridiculous but still funny,i couldn't help but laugh. There no words to describe how much i love the cover, and omg,the position of their hands are so perfect. I will give anything to be with them in the cover.

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